The Pay Rent with Hive Project (PRHP) an Introduction

The other day I was working at my desk, answering email after email, reminding me of episodes of the IT Crowd. After a few cups of coffee and a starring contest with my dog, I asked myself the question, "how many HIVE would I need to earn per month to pay my rent. Not pay for my living expenses, like food or utilities, just my rent. $1,200 a month, pretty average for my area. I also pay for electricity and internet as well. I don't have a landline phone or cable TV. Doesn't matter I am not taking those into consideration. If I am ever able to actually pay my rent with my HIVE earnings I will happily pay for the other stuff with my day job.

The average value of HIVE over the past 12 months according to coinmarketcap taken from the 1st of every month : $0.3245, I will round up to $0.33. I don't need this math to be perfect, I am not writing a thesis or trying to quit my job.

This price seems reasonable. My educated estimate before I did the actual math was $0.30 to $0.40.

The price will flucuate and hopefully continue to rise, but for this I will assume an average price of $0.33. If the price continues to rise causing the average to rise I can adjust my numbers. Today the price of HIVE is around $0.46, not bad.

What are some of the ways I can earn HIVE/Hive Dollars?

These are some of the popular types of posts I have noticed myself and others earn decent upvotes from. I don't want to post too much but I don't want to post too little. The ability to schedule and space out my posts through out the day makes this problem a bit easier.

  • Giveaways
    • Splinterland Cards or DEC
    • HIVE or Token Delegation
    • Free Hive or Tokens

Splinterland Cards and DEC Giveaways:
These are some of the most popular posts, that are not from whales, that I see on HIVE. I can do daily or weekly contests for DEC or Cards. With the daily quests rewards, this shouldn't be too difficult. Do I want to giveway my daily quest rewards or purchase cards/DEC to giveway?

HIVE and Token Delegation:
Everybody, especially if you are new to HIVE, loves HIVE delegations. Delegations of Hive engine tokens are also very useful to community members, such as WeedCash Network and Nexoian. I believe hodlers can delegate their staked tokens from these communities. This would also be an easy daily or weekly post type to work with.

Free HIVE or Token giveaways:
Like the above, but you get to keep the HIVE or tokens. Also easy to post daily or weekly, but I also have to spend/earn more to do this.

  • WeedCash weed photo and talk/news/data
    The WeedCash Network is one of my favorite Hive communities. I lurk there much more than I post. Stoners love sharing stash and plant photos. I do not grow right now but I do smoke recreationally and medicinally, so I pick up a lot of different weed strains to show off. I could also discuss cannabis news and data, I read it, may as well spend 5 minutes and write about it. With weed stocks and other cannabis based investments becoming more and more popular, there will be more to talk about as well.

  • dPolls
    I have always enjoyed the dPoll site. You can ask and answer questions and polls from other Hive users with a proper polling/questionaire userface. Your question posts are automatically posted on the Hive blockchain and answers are automatically added as comments. A fun community of people. Sometimes random questions, sometimes serious questions.

  • Light Political news/talk/data
    Another topic I enjoy reading about and occasionally writing about that also tends to get more upvotes and starts discussion. I also enjoy reading about and posting about data and there is a lot of political data coming out all the time. Election numbers, science stats, death rates, etc. People love that sort of thing. Some for more macabre reasons than others.

  • Science news/talk/data
    Same as the above but with science. This can be broad range of subjects as well, which offers me more outlets and communities to share with.

  • Cryptocurrency or finance discussion/news/data
    Same as above again but with fintech and defi discussions. I have to stay on top of my investments and the most people on Hive came here due to cryptocurrency one way or another. Discussions about HIVE or one of the Hive based communities always seem to get decent upvotes.

  • Artwork

    • Drawing
    • Photograph

That's right. I am a person of many skills. Like many people on Hive, I enjoy drawing and taking photographs. There is always an active art community on Hive. A quality daily drawing and daily photofeed post wouldn't be a bad idea to earn HIVE from upvotes. I can add to some free stock images sometime. I use them enough. Maybe I should upload some of my photos for free use on a database as well.

  • Actifit Reports
    Posting my daily Actifit report is something I try to do daily already. I almost always get at least around $1 in earnings (before its divided amongst author/curators). More daily postings seem to boost that number a bit, so does more steps. I need more reason to at least take a walk everyday anyways.

  • Daily Quote?
    This was a possible post type I thought about. People really seem to enjoy quotes. Inspirational or funny seems to be the way to go. I have some photoshop skills and can bust out some quality quote memes pretty easy. Something that gets to the finance bros soul would probably be a good call around here. And, beer. Wonderful beer. Can't think of any beer quotes off the top of my head. That could do with being buzzed or drunk everytime I've heard one.

  • Splinterland quests
    I actually have not played much Splinterlands and I think I do not even own a spellbook. It's a $10 investment but I know I can make that back quickly from earning cards and DEC. I've seen those numbers and as long as you get your daily quests finished and make rank of some sort, you will make you money back quickly (compared to other cryptocurrency investments). Splinterlands really is a great play to earn game and its more appealing with the addition of SPS. SPS is also another good reason for me to invest in a Spellbook and start playing, even if just for the daily quests and season rewards. I can also sell some DEC earnings and hodl the rest for SPS earnings. I would stake the SPS earnings for long term. That seems best even for this project. It could also act like an emergency bag incase I need some small funds within 1 to 4 weeks (unstaking time).

Monthly posts :

  • Token Staking/Hodl Reports
    • WEED
    • BEER

These are already posts I do every month. Some dry data for those who like these tokens/communities and as a way to boost use of them. New users read the post and see how they can earn from curations and engagement, and passive income from staking.

Misc Posts :

These are a few post types I have noticed do well on Hive when they are done well and I also enjoy writing about the subjects.

  • Home Made Food How To/Recipes

  • Reviews

    • TV Shows
    • Movies
    • Food
    • Music
  • Splinterlands End of Season Reports (every two weeks)

Play to Earn :

  • Splinterlands (duh)


Some other earning ideas I had for Hive. A few are obvious, like curation earning and HBI shares. Ok, most were obvious.
I saw HIVE and other crypto merch have been doing well online and it would be a good way to use my photoshop and graphic design skills. With so many ondemand printed T-shirt and appparel shops online, like Redbubble, I could probably make a few bucks. It's not the same as earning HIve from posting and using the blockchain, but I am counting it. I can then buy more HIVE and tokens to invest into my portfolio.

  • HBI Shares

  • Loaning HIVE

  • Hodl HIVE and Hive Dollars in savings

  • Other Passive HIVE based investments

  • Design and sell HIVE gear and accessories.

  • Ecceny points

  • Curation (duh)

Is this some equation to get me there? No. This is me brainstorming and building off my research on HIVE and the blockchain it was built from, since long before the Tron take over of Steem. The dark one likes speaking of those times. The time before the great forking!

IF HIVE stays around the current average of $0.33 (good chance it will rise long term), then I would need to earn 3,636.36 HIVE a month. 909.09 HIVE a week. 129.87 HIVE a day. Approximatly and on average, etc. It seems possible. It also seems like something I will have to work on.

Every HIVE I power up would help boost my curation earnings, but it also means one more HIVE I need to earn to pay the rent I want to earn HIVE for. Things like this come to mind. But, I am doing this for fun and in hopes I can do it. At the very least it is me trying to be more active on HIVE and get more users on as well from Twitter probably since thats where I share my Hive posts. IF I can do this in the end, then awesome.

I will end up doing more math on this as time goes on. The market is so voliatile which makes it more difficult to estimate long term and other variables come to mind to look at later. I am not trying to pull an Einsteain here. If you read all this, thanks. You're a champ and a half.

For now this is what I can probably afford from my current monthly HIVE earnings.....

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