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Wake up... wake up... WAKE UP!!! That scream in my head made me open my eyes and jump up from where I was laying. I took a look around and couldn't remember where I was. I tried to stay standing but 3 out of my 6 legs were too week, so I fell on the floor again. Wait, I have 6 legs? I look down and only saw 2, so why am I feeling like I have 6? donottrytothinktoohardabouthisyouwillonlygettired. I decided to try to stand again, forcing myself to look at my legs while I was doing it, and could get up easily. I think I'm getting used to this 2 legs ideia, I feel like I have been flying like this all my life. Wait, I'm flying? As soon as I think that, I hit the floor again and all my 6 legs hurt. trynottothinkabouthisifyouwanttogetout. Get out, seems like a good ideia. Look for a way out, a window, a door, a hole. There's a weird shape on the wall, just above the tall blind man. Wait, I'm not alone in here? How did I not see this man before? Why he only has 2 legs? I blink and he is gone, a door behind him. The shape of the wall is the shape of the keyhole. My fingers are in this shape too. I put my finger in the keyhole and the door opens...

"You wanted this! You asked for this! " I don't remember. Was that my voice? "It's only temporary. Don't worry." Stop talking! Who is that?! Argh. The voices are too much. Where the hell am I? There is light beyond the door. But I don't care. Who cares about light? I turn away from the door. I can still feel the light on my ... back. Yes. Back. That is what I have. Not wings. Just a back. Right? "He is drawn to the light. I think it's working." What?! I'm not drawn to the light! I'm not a moth. I'm not a ... fly? Right? Are flies even drawn to light? I'll just walk closer to the door and check. I can always turn around. Why wouldn't I? It's not like I HAVE to do it. I just want to. "He'll walk through in a second." No, I won't! I mean it IS pretty warm over there. But who knows what's in there? I won't go through. Oh. Well. I might take a step to see how it feels like. What could possibly go...

BZZzzzZZZ. BZZZZZ. Bzzzz? bzzz? BZZZZ!
"Don't you think we might be cruel? He might have been joking or lying! Humans do this often. I heard about it in school on our way over here. They say something they don't believe. Sometimes because it's funny. Sometimes because they don't want to tell the truth."

"Yes. Yes. I heard about this. But we have safety measures in place! We're here to make them happy. We have to make a good first impression before we introduce ourselves! We don't want to scare them!"

"What kind of safety measures?"

"We look for people who loudly say "I'm not kidding! and "Yes. I swear! I'm not lying!". This is foolproof! Look at him! He's going to be so grateful!"

"You're probably right. I worry too much. It's just...Ah never mind."

"No! We need to communicate openly. Go ahead. What is it?"

"It's about the others. They keep dying. I don't even know which number this is. Is he number 42?"

"Don't be silly. It's only number 33. And it's not our fault, the others all head a death wish, like the guy who wanted to sell both kidneys for an RTX 3080. It was our first day on earth. We couldn't have known, that humans need those for living and he was adamant about it!"

"Yeah. That one was clearly his own fault. But what about the guy, who wanted to trade places with a watermelon that got squished between the thighs of a woman on the internet? We KNEW humans need their head to survive!"

"Listen! We're not here to ask questions! We have a simple task. Find a human that clearly stated his wish and fulfill it. Talking to them is step two! It's already violating protocol to talk while this one was still in the chamber!"

"You're right. It's probably going to be fine. Look at him! He's so happy flying around on the beach. It's just a weird place to be for a fly. Why would he even want that?"

"Oh. That was actually my idea. We still had the machine around from that other guy. He wanted to be a fly on the wall when Tom Cruise gets banged by his gay lover. Nobody could have known, that he pays three people to clap rhythmically while they watch. It was a freak accident."

"So this one didn't ask to be turned into a fly?"

"Not exactly. He just said he would do anything to drink the sweat off of Nicki Minaj's ass. I just figured this is as safe as it gets. Look at him. He just sat down on it! It's not like anybody would ever clap her ass cheeks right? Righ...."

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