Contest Crossover! - Storytelling + POB-WOTW

I've always loved crossovers! I think is so nice when you get to see your favorites characters interacting, doing stuff together. I remember when they did a Family Guy + Simpsons and it was awesome! Very different when they did a Batman + Spawn. Talk about a lame comic book right?

So this week, inspired by POB-WOTW BIZARRE contest, I'm going to do a contest crossover!!! You can use this contest to write an entry to the other contest, just pay attention to the rules of both contest, I don't want anybody crying later about being disqualified. Here are the rules for the WOTW contest:

1- The post must be made on the front-end
2 - The post must have the pob-wotw tag added to it
3 - Zero engagement this week on #pob-wotw posts
4 - Entries must be posted before 00:00 UTC on 23/05/21
5 - Posts must clearly demonstrate what the weekly word is
6 - Posts shared for the following week will be disqualified if published before winners are called for the current week

If you don't want to take part in both contests, it's ok too! But can you imagine winning on both??? What a good stake that would be right???

So let's go! This week was a walk in the park, and all the entries were awesome!!! These are the winners! We had some ties this week, because I really could not decide which was better (Maybe I'll adopt the rating system from @calumam too, take more advantage from this crossover... hehehe)


An awesome story, full with caring characters and even a lesson on Barkish!!! What else can you ask from a story??? And a good ideia to put technology into the story, find pet's app are a trend right now!


I loved the fact that you gave us a view of how the owners were feeling, and the end brought tears to my eyes! So beautiful and full of hope! Really well done!


Although it was hard to understand who was talking to who at first, the rest of the story had a really nice flow, and also a great ending! I wish more people would adopt dogs!!!


Great story, giving off a free spirit vibe! I think that Brownie only started living now that he had to really face reality! A stray dog is a homeless best friend, that I know for sure!


Brownie was not just lazy, but knew how to live the life! So true that a dog would start pissing on everything to mark his turf, and who can resist leather seats right? And I also liked the end, who would trade a good view to the ocean with a view of the lawn.

  • And for @hranhuk and @antonym, I loved both of your stories, so good the ending with a twist or a celebrity, I laughed so hard on both of them! I'll send you 25 POB for participation!



And now, let's go to this week story!

Storytelling #4.png

Every week I'll start a story, and you have to finish it. You can add as many characters as you want, can take the story any way, can add that marvelous plot twist to blow our minds! You just have to follow this rules to participate:

  • The post must be from the POB front-end

  • You have to write at least 300 words

  • You have to quote the beginning of the story in your post (so people can understand the story)

  • You have to use the tag #pob-storytelling

  • If you choose to take part on both contests, put the #pob-wotw in your post and also include in your title storytelling+POB-WOTW. if you just want to take part on the storytelling, ignore this rule

  • The deadline for your post will be 4 hours before the payout of this post

The winners will be chosen by me, with the following criteria:

  • Following all rules
  • Creativity
  • Flow of the narrative
  • Overall structure of the story
  • The ending of the story

The first prize will be 100 POB, second 75 POB and third 50 POB.

So, without any further due, here is the story!

Wake up... wake up... WAKE UP!!! That scream in my head made me open my eyes and jump up from where I was laying. I took a look around and couldn't remember where I was. I tried to stay standing but 3 out of my 6 legs were too week, so I fell on the floor again. Wait, I have 6 legs? I look down and only saw 2, so why am I feeling like I have 6? donottrytothinktoohardabouthisyouwillonlygettired. I decided to try to stand again, forcing myself to look at my legs while I was doing it, and could get up easily. I think I'm getting used to this 2 legs ideia, I feel like I have been flying like this all my life. Wait, I'm flying? As soon as I think that, I hit the floor again and all my 6 legs hurt. trynottothinkabouthisifyouwanttogetout. Get out, seems like a good ideia. Look for a way out, a window, a door, a hole. There's a weird shape on the wall, just above the tall blind man. Wait, I'm not alone in here? How did I not see this man before? Why he only has 2 legs? I blink and he is gone, a door behind him. The shape of the wall is the shape of the keyhole. My fingers are in this shape too. I put my finger in the keyhole and the door opens...

Now it's up to you!!! Put your best Kafka hat on, keep the story going, and have a lot of fun!!!!


Pay attention to the rules if you want to participate in both contest. This is also my entry to the POB-WOTW, so if your are smart you'll know what I'm talking about... hehehe

Thanks for reading until here!!! See you soon!
Keep posting and keep shining!





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