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# England was industrialized due to the fact that it robbed tens and hundreds of years of the colony, collected there "additional" capital, invested them in its industry and accelerated the pace of its industrialization. This is one way of industrialization.
Germany accelerated its industrialization as a result of a victorious war with France in the 70s of the last century, when it, taking five billion francs of indemnity from the French, poured them into its industry. This is the second way of industrialization.
Both of these methods are closed to us, because we are a country of Soviets, for colonial robberies and military seizures for the purpose of robbery are incompatible with the nature of Soviet power.
Russia, old Russia, surrendered conclusive concessions and received bonded loans, thus trying to get out of the way of industrialization. This is the third way. But this is the path of bondage or semi-bondage, the way of turning Russia into a semi-colony. This road is also closed to us, because we did not conduct a three-year civil war for that, reflecting all and every interventionist, so that after the victory over the interventionists we will voluntarily join the imperialists in bondage.
Nowhere else in the world has it happened that a huge backward agrarian country has become an industrial country without robbing the colonies, without robbing foreign countries or without large loans and long-term loans from outside. Remember the history of industrial development in England, Germany, America, and you will understand that this is so. Even America, the most powerful of all capitalist countries, was forced after the civil war to spend as much as 30-40 years to put its industry at the expense of loans and long-term loans from outside and robbing neighboring states and islands.
The results of industrialization of the USSR proved to be stunning not only for the inhabitants of the USSR, but for the whole world. After all, the former tsarist Russia in an unusually short time became a powerful, industrially and scientifically developed country, a power of world significance.
As you can see, Stalin proved to be right, making from the utterly ruined Russia, from Russia the plow and bast shoes, the advanced industrial power with the shortest working day in the world, the world's best free education, advanced science, free medicine, a national culture and the most powerful social guarantee of workers' rights countries.
However, in present-day Russia everything is not done in the same way as Stalin did in the USSR, and we have Russia with a barely perceptible industrial production, totally ruined by agriculture, a deceased science, a beggar that barely ends the population, but with countless many own billionaires.
So who was right in choosing the ways of Russia's development, the Bolsheviks or the current democrats? In my opinion, the Bolsheviks! After all, not one word of Stalin about the industrialization of Russia is still obsolete.

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