Water on the Rocks

Aren't rocks called boulders when they are lying solitary somewhere?
Anyway, I will use both names in this post without thinking too much, if you don't mind 😉

Water on the Rocks - Johann Piber

Water on the Rocks

I think it was the golden looking rock in the middle of the Soča river in the last photo of this post that gave birth to my love for solitary rocks / boulders in rivers a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, it was only a rock that shone kind of golden in the morning sun.

Water on the Rocks - Johann Piber
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Water on the Rocks - Johann Piber
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So, whenever I see an interesting looking boulder in a river or a lake since that day, I take a photo, and some of my latest I'm sharing here with you. Most of the images have been taken at the Soča river or one of its tributaries.

Water on the Rocks - Johann Piber
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The Dream Rock

Amid a rushing mountain stream
A giant boulder stands.
Bright gems of mica o'er it gleam,
And on its breast I love to dream
With mosses in my hands.

The hours flow softly o'er my soul,
More light and swift than foam;
And while the ceaseless torrents roll,
Wild fancies rise from stream and knoll,
And elfin through my vision roam.

They are so fair, and yet so fleet,
I cannot hold their garments fine.
They fade while yet I cry, "Stay, Sweet!"
A farewell glance is all I meet -
An archly murmured, "Not yet thine!"

by Ruby Archer

Water on the Rocks - Johann Piber
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I love the interesting shapes, textures and colours of the solitary rocks and even more the mossy overgrown boulders. The water droplets on the grass in the images above and below are like the icing on the cake.

Water on the Rocks - Johann Piber
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They are like huge cliffs above the raging sea or small rocky islands surrounded by white sea spray.

Water on the Rocks - Johann Piber
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Water on the Rocks - Johann Piber
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So, that was it for today's post - just one last thing: If I'm not completely wrong, this below was the rock, the huge gold nugget that I mentioned in the beginning, that started my passion for rocks in the water.

Water on the Rocks - Johann Piber
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