Frozen Heart

Have you ever seen a frozen heart? Well, end of November last year, I have seen one during a walk and I want to share it with you today.

Frozen Heart
Frozen Heart

You might say now that this heart is not completely frozen, and I have to agree, but I also have to tell you that I do believe that no heart can ever be completely frozen.

Frozen Heart Leaf
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Sometimes they look like frozen but all they need might be a nice word or a warm hand, even a smile ... a single little ray of sunshine in the morning can melt the coldest ice.


When Winter scourged the meadow and the hill
And in the withered leafage worked his will,
The water shrank, and shuddered, and stood still,-
Then built himself a magic house of glass,
Irised with memories of flowers and grass,
Wherein to sit and watch the fury pass.

by Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts

Frozen Ice
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I have taken the second photo yesterday during my morning walk at the reservoir. I have photographed a few icicles and a little waterfall, but haven't had much time yet to edit the images.
I'm having another busy week at work and hope to find some time and enough desire to edit and post these icy photos, after long days at the computer in the office.


All photos were taken with the Canon EOS R and my favorite Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS II USM lens.
If you are interested in the image data, I leave all EXIF and IPTC information stored in the pictures.

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Johann Piber @johannpiber
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