Recognition (Freewrite Challenge)

Source: Pixabay

He started his secondary school in 1913. Mark has been studying, while at some time, working at their farm. He's been able to save some money which he can use for his projects, and other fees. When asked what course he will take in college, he wants to become a teacher.

That same year, his father has been able to set up his own rice mill. He worked for his father, and saved money so that he won't rely of his parents for his schooling. However, being the only son, his parents decided to support him.

Everything seems so good, everything is already been planned. At the first quarter of 1914, he was awarded as the first honor during recognition. He's been able to start the next school year. At the last quarter of the year, the war in other parts of the country has eventually reached their place. World War 1 has also started.

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