LogoCreation: Packaging-centered World [Episode 2]


Hello everyone!

Today I will start with the presentation of a new design, this time of a logo focused on packaging services. For this second edition of the LogoCreation initiative, I will use another logo without a face: it is not indicative of any really existing activity ... so I invite you to come forward if you are interested: P

Just like last time, the first step was sketching, with which I sketched the boundaries of an idea. A pen, a sheet of paper and a little imagination: the only advice I can give you is to use a pencil instead of indelible ink, so that you can easily correct too poor lines.


I then photographed the sheet with my smartphone and transferred the image to the graphics suite I use. I started drawing the outline of the project, designing the pictogram in the first place. The figure clearly refers to a group of packaging boxes, a "brand" which is clearly the example of what in the jargon is defined as the descriptive property of the logo; a property that is good for a logo but hardly ever for a brand mark. One day we will explain the differences between these 2 elements.

After creating the outlines of the pictogram, I added the colors, a reddish beige shaded in some corners, the classic ocher-like tone of recycled paper or packaging boxes for clothing. I gave the sealing tape a different tone, but soon changed my mind.


I didn't like the project very much. The pictogram - as it was - was too asymmetrical, too confusing: in short, it was too much. I decided to thin it out a bit: I deleted all the tapes present and replaced them with some simple line that recalled the openings. I don't think anything more was needed to give these elements the appearance of a package, certainly not the tapes inserted before. Sure, tastes are tastes, but too much is not a good thing.


The next step was to search for a font. To begin with, I created a 3 lane carriageway: a main one to place the main name - the logotype - and two "emergency" ones, one to use as a leading space, the other to fill with the description of the activity. I used a different color for the space to be left blank, just to make it more visible.


And then the font: I wrote my text, enlarged it a little to make it visible, and started probing for the most appropriate fonts. I wanted something simple, regular, not too flashy. I found the right balance by adding a little outline to one of the first fonts I found. So I transformed everything and started to balance the spaces between the letters a little bit. Also this time the balancing was very fast and without too much presumption.


Then I created a black and white background, using a white lettering on the second and a lighter, darker gray tone to use for the characters on the light background. For these latter tones I played with the sliders, adding a hint of color to the classic gray derived from the black-white blend. I managed the alignments by creating a vertical and a horizontal alignment version for both backgrounds.


Et voilà our logo for Timballi: a rising star in packaking solutions.

I hope you enjoyed this short presentation. I leave you a banner from which you can make donations - if you wish - in 6 different types of cryptocurrencies and tokens. You can use the Buymeberries interface to donate in Hive Tokens. I'll be adding a presentation screen soon by posting an article on my blog.

Greetings to all and see you next time!


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