Childhood Heroes


Growing up we used to call ourselves; Rambo, and commando, making wooden weapon (gun) and playing in our back yard. those movies really make me remember my childhood, recently I watch the latest Rambo, and I was like, can this guy still have the strength to run, I use to think the name Rambo and commando were their names not until 2002 that I realize that it the name of the movie.


A lot of actors and actress has lightened me up with their display on-screen ranging from; Rambo, home alone, baby day out, coming to America, and a lot more they are a few characters I came to love, because of the exceptional roles they played in the movie and the charisma they put in their play while acting, and all their movies can be watched without worried if children are around or not, Jackie chan and will smith a top on my list.
Their movies are not just actions, but they are coupled with comedy also. People like Sylvester Stallion, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donnie Yan, Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, James Bond, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Jason Statham, Jean Claude Van Damme, Chris Rock, Martins Lawrence, Jet Li, Wesley Snipes, and a lot of great actors and actress has done a lot in the movie industry but to me Jackie chan and will smiths has done more to put a smile in everyone face.
Jackie and will has been my greatest actors of all time not just the action in their movies but also the comedy they displayed as well. Most people are very good in action, while others are comedy, but very few people can fuse these two together and brings out the chemistry, recently few guys are stepping up, people like Ryan Reynold.
It is painful what happened at OSCAR 2022 between Will Smith and Chris Rock at his greatest moment, just like Denzel Washington says “be careful because at your greatest hour is when the devil will show up” These are the list of my favorite movies from childhood.

 Rush hour Jackie chan
 Police story Jackie chan
 City hunter Jackie chan
 Drunken Master Jackie Chan
 Pursues of happiness will smith
 Focus will Smith
 Hancock will smith
 I am a legend will smith
 The fresh prince of bel air will smith
 bad boy will smith and martins Lawrence
 Rambo Sylvester stallion
 Terminator Arnold schwarzenegger
 Predator Arnold schwarzenegger
 Commando Arnold schwarzenegger
 Enter the dragon Donnie yen
 Ip man Donnie yen
 Equalizer Denzel Washington

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