Quiet August evening and Dnieper water. 2021

While doing military service in the army, I met very competent and intelligent officers who taught us to always correctly assess the coming threat or undesirable situations that could negatively affect the performance of the assigned tasks. That is, having small but reliable information, you can always make a preliminary assessment plan for some object of interest to you. I will not bore you with all the nuances of the art of war and psychology. I can only say one thing that any decision made depends on verified and accurate information. That is, as they say now, specifics or specific information.

Giving advice or teaching to someone is not easy.

If we want to give someone a good example or advice, we must indicate specific data in relation to this person and his activities. Only then will this advice be considered professional and will benefit the person you want to teach or protect from something. Using inaccurate and unverified information, you cannot advise someone, let alone teach something. This is the golden rule that must be followed in order not to cripple the mental state of a person. Publicity in such "cases" is 100% excluded. Therefore, friends do not rush to advise someone something publicly if you do not have the proper experience and verified information. This can offend the person and lower your authority as a "teacher". I will not yet say the reason why I wrote this post, I mean why I chose such an unusual topic. Let this be our little secret for now.

What's the conclusion?

The conclusion is quite simple, you need to respect the person who is nearby, you need to treat him the way you would like to be treated you. We are all very different people here, and if we learn to understand each other, it will call us real people. What is a century? A century is 100 years. A person very rarely reaches this age. So let's take into account all these circumstances and live as long as God gave us, with honor and dignity. There is a lot of dirt and grief in the world, let's stay human here on the Hive blockchain.

Now I will show you my favorite photograph of a sunny sunset on the Dnieper. Let this beautiful view cheer you up and make you happier.


I am very grateful to everyone for your help and attention. If you have the opportunity, please write a small comment. I love and appreciate you all. I am with you dear friends.

See you.

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