Books will always be my favorite source of knowledge. July 2021

What is important is what benefits you and enhances your spiritual world.

Two years ago I accidentally found a wonderful modern bookstore in the city, where you can always find any literature you are interested in. And the main convenience of this store is the competent and friendly staff who will clearly give any recommendations on your question and you can get a qualified answer as soon as possible. The pleasant surprises do not end there, there is a great opportunity to drink a cup of aromatic black coffee and eat a delicious cake. These are all the main amenities of this small bookstore, which works at a convenient time for citizens and you can buy literature that is interesting for you inexpensively. The assortment of literature is pleasantly surprising, and if something is not here, then your order will be fulfilled as soon as possible.

I boldly take photos on the street, because many people here know me.

This is my home area of โ€‹โ€‹the city where I grew up and studied, and from where I went to serve in the army, and then I got married. In short, my whole life has practically passed in this area, except for the army. Therefore, many here know me, and react normally when I take photos. This does not cause aggression or irritation in anyone. Today is a very hot and hard day, the temperature breaks new records + 33-35. There is no wind, people try not to move around the city unnecessarily, I alone, fearless and enthusiastic about my work, went to take photographs. I have a really strong character, if I decided to do something, then I try to do it and not drag it out into a long box. I donโ€™t know whether itโ€™s good or bad, but I am such a person. Stubborn as a ram.









What did I like the most during the photo session today?

I really liked the girl who works as a salesperson in this store. She has a beautifully set voice and very beautiful eyes. This only says one thing, that I will definitely take the time and go read something in this bookstore. This girl is quite confident and competently doing her job, which means that she loves her job and she is a professional.
With this, let me finish my publication. I wish you all good health and good mood. As always, comments are welcome.

Friends, do not forget about health and beautiful nature outside the window. Cryptocurrency is needed by healthy and adequate people. I have seen many rich and successful people, but they did not have the main thing, it is health and the desire to live beautifully.

I love you all. See you.

Photographed Samsung Galaxy A51 ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

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