Photography: Spark of Nature


Hello Hivers friends, what I will share to you today is about nature photography, I have always been fascinated with the natural wonders of nature. Anyone who sees such scenes will fall in love with the beauty. Nature photography surround us such as wildlife, landscape, trees, plants and flowers. Nature photography can be absolutely rewarding.


Everyday can capture amazing scenery and almost unbelievable. We cannot refute the breathtaking beauty and greatness of our planet. Boundless inspiration can offer the beauty of nature. The photo above was taken during our travel, stunning golden clouds and grennery landscape is perfectly match. There are many spot here in the ohiliopines where I can capture beautiful scenery like sunset. One of the popular spot where you can capture espectacular and eye-catching sunset scenery would be in Manila Bay. El Nido Palawan has one of the best sunset views also and of course boracay Island sunset is remarkable. this is one best favorite destination for travel blog.


I captured this photograph inside the school campus of my son. In capturing an attractive or good quality of photo you have to have a right timing in taking a shot. If you get out during partly cloudy, you will have a good chance of capturing incredible views. But be careful specially stormy weather sometimes there are heavy rain and strong winds.


Every afternoon I always look forward to photograpgh beautiful clouds formation within our village. For me nature photography is a very rewarding and fulfilling hobby. Captured unique moments gives me satisfaction that's why I pursue this passion. One thing I discover in photography you become closer to the author of life, the creator of all things, the one who made things possible to exist.



Photographer:@cchua, al camera, vivo y30

I hope I give you some inspiration through this article, Remember, Colours are the smiles of nature!ūüėÄ

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God Bless!

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