#NotingYoutube: Do You Really Want to be Cursed with Creativity?

I made a system to take quick notes on Youtube videos, (since I watch a lot of them,) I use Trello templates for my system.

I call this process #NotingYoutube! Sometimes my notes are detailed and useful enough to work as articles. The first was about the video that inspired the whole system. This is another one of them!

Below are the notes for "Jordan Peterson - Why Being Creative Is Problematic And Even A Curse." The video linked below is a clip of an interview about creativity. It rings true for me, I experienced a few of the mentioned things, and I learned from the advice in it.

Why Being Creative Is Problematic And Even A Curse

  • By: Better Chapter Youtube channel.
  • Original Speech by: Jordan Peterson.

The Content in 3 Sentences:

  1. Creativity is a high-risk, high-reward strategy!
  2. Creative product solves %5 of the problem. Marketing, sales. If it's really new, you have to tell people what it is in a way they understand!
  3. Even if the idea succeeded. The probability that you, the originator for that idea, make money is very low!

Description (Edit for Brevity)

Don't be thinking, that creativity is such a good thing. It's a high-risk/high-return strategy. So if you're creative... You guys are going to have a hell of a time monetizing your creativity. It's virtually impossible. It's really, really difficult.

Because, first of all, let's say you make an original product.

You think the world will be the pathway to your door, if you build a better mousetrap. It's like, that's complete rubbish. It isn't- it isn't true in the least.

Jordan Peterson gives an EXTREMELY POWERFUL motivational speech on becoming unstoppable in life, showing you the steps we need to take in order to achieve your true potential.

General Thoughts:

This video is interesting because I noticed too, that creative people are different than normal people. We do things that seem too boring or too impractical to most people.

Not everyone is creative! Saying everyone in a category is something, makes it meaningless for that category. Creative people are different than normal people because they're motivated to do creative things.

Monetizing creativity is as hard as Jordan Peterson says. Someone in the gaming scenes said "You have to wear a lot of hats," and that's something I agree with... There's a chance you'll have to depend on someone else & pray they don't screw you over.

Steps to create a business:

  • Family and Friends: Many people don't even have ones who have money.
  • Angel investor: They'll take most of the rewards, because if you don't want to, they can do something else with their money.
  • Venture Capitalist: Takes a big chunk too. Might even kick you out. You're just the idea guy, they won't have use for you anymore.

A better way:
"Find ways to make money, and do creative stuff on the side." Is a sound advice, and I found myself forced practice it. I write articles online online now and hope to become better at it.

Important Time Stamps

  • 1:14: "Creativity is a High Risk, High Reward strategy" explained.
  • 2:25 Monetizing Creativity is difficult.

My Own Ideas

  1. I feel less creative by time, not because I am but because I learn how little in originality I can actually do.
  2. I should be writing more, learning more and do jobs I don't want to do now, if I want to focus on doing my own things in the future.

New Vocabulary:

  • Angel Investor: A person who funds startup businesses, usually risky ideas with high rewards.

Also Check:

Favorite Comments

  • That annoying bird's comment:

"There has never been a genius who has never gone mad at least once"
~I forgot.

  • HavocHead's reply:

speak for yourself, its easy to not want recognition until someone steals your idea and passes it off as their own.

To **Singular Musing **'s comment:

I was about to make my rebuttal till I heard him at the end. He said exactly what I do. This is the only way. Also, what I create, I do not care for recognition. I do it for the sake of making one forget about their concerns. If I can make just one person feel, even for a moment. That is the reward. I let my energy speak for itself.

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