#NotingYouTube: "How I Remember Everything I Read"

I made a system to take quick notes on Youtube videos, (since I watch a lot of them,) I use Trello templates for my system. I call this process #NotingYoutube! Sometimes my notes are detailed and useful enough to work as articles. This is one of them!

Below are the notes for "How I Remember Everything I Read" by Ali Abdaal. This is the video that inspired the whole system as well as the idea for this article. I explain more in the General Thoughts section below~

"How I Remember Everything I Read" Video Link

Description (Edited for Brevity)

Hey friends, in this video I'll be going over my entire system of taking smart book notes for the purpose of remembering and applying everything we read.

The Content in 3 Sentences:

  1. Note-taking on 7 levels. Described along with the life experience of the YouTuber.
  2. Using a Notion template to make easy-to-find, notes, highlights & summaries. Notes have to be your own words.
  3. EverGreen Notes! A mind-map of Notes. Back-linked to related notes/highlights. Easy to use for reference. Important for creating a mental map of things.

General Thoughts:

This is one of the most helpful videos I watched on Youtube. It helps me engage with the content I'm consuming daily. Gave me a system that forces me to be concise in summarizing it. It gave an example of someone monetizing a similar thing, so there's less stress about me using the system to create articles. My readers get better-organized posts! Win/Win!

Curating what I read and watch seems like something that suits me very much! I'm already doing it on my blogs but the video teaches me a better systematic way to do it.

The 7 Steps as explained by Ali:

  • Read
    • You'll forget.
  • Highlight
    • You still forget + Too Much info.
  • Readwise: 5 highlights per day
    • Too Random.
  • Magic Insight Logging Framework
    • There aren't time to review.
  • Note Template: Sections That are Easy to Fill
    • Information are great but sometimes not enough.
  • Do above + Summarize Book!
    • Takes a lot of time.
  • Ever Green Notes!
    • Makes the time of the previous step worth it.

Important Time Stamps:

  • 3:30: Ali talks about Magic Insight Logging Framework.
  • 4:57: How to take quick notes on everything you read? -> The Template Method explained.

My Ideas & How I Can Apply This:

  1. I will take notes for books I read using easy Trello templates. Inspired by the Notion templates explained in the video.
  2. I can do this with YouTube videos too!
  3. I can publish my notes on my blogs! Like Ali explained in 10:40. This article for example is an application of that method.

New Vocabulary

  • Zettelkasten: German for "Slip Box" the name of the Ever-green Notes method.

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Favorite Comments

my summary of this video:

  1. He really likes Notion
  2. writing short reviews of books is a good way to remember them
  3. my tech skills are in the dark ages by comparison with his

"Level 7" basically says that rather than focusing on books themselves, we focus on Ideas we derive out of those books, and maintain a "hash" table with ideas as indices (for those of you who know what hash tables in computer science are). It is definitely very powerful, yet, can be time-consuming.

Thanks for Reading My Notes~

If you have a question or suggestion feel free to write in the comments! I reward the comments I like. These notes are published on Hive and also on Read.cash.

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