#Index4Index Daily Inspired Motivation: Change Plans that Don't Work, Not the Goal! - GaiaYoga Gardens, Lower Puna, Far East Big Island, Hawai'i - Friday, December 2, 2022


This post is my ongoing daily participation in @jongolson's fantastic Index4Index Initiative. Rsead his post, and get yourself involved!

Today's Index4Index Daily Inspired Motivation is focused on changing plans that don't work in relation to achieving our dreams and goals, which is a very beneficial and useful practice indeed! It's like weeding (refining) a garden (our goal) - removing that which does not work in a particular place, at a particular time, and in a particular way, and replacing it with that which does, which allows us to get closer to a beautiful and abundant garden (our goal).

"If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but not the goal."
- Unknown

We keep our focus on our dreams and goals, but we're flexible and adaptable around our plans that take us to those goals, and are open to changing those plans if we find that they don't work the way we thought that they would. It's the process of exploring, experimenting, refining, and tinkering with the means of achieving our goals, our plans, and in doing so, getting progressively closer to those goals.

Never be afraid to change your plans, to remove what does not work, and to replace it with what does. Doing so allows you to get ever closer to what you are most wanting.

Many people give up when their plans don't work out, not realizing that simply adjusting their plans can have hugely beneficial effects on moving them closer to their goals. Don't give up on your goals, modify your plans, which will allow you to move closer to your goals!

Keep the goal in sight, never give up, be flexible around your plans, and you'll achieve what you want! I believe in you! Now turn your dreams into goals, and go get 'em boys and girls!

Remember, dear friends, that we are all in this together, that we rise by lifting others, and that together we thrive, so onward and upward, joyfully together! 😁🙏💚⚡💥🔥✴️✳️❇️👣🌱✨🤙

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