Let's Try Something New.....We'll Call It #Index4Index


"Throw things against the wall....And see what sticks!"

(Entrepreneurial advice from Jongo!)

Here's a new crazy idea for a challenge / contest for the 'Swarm...Whatever you wanna call it ;)

I like @liketu

I use it all the time on my secondary account @shebatherottie

And I'm of the school of thought that, apps like Liketu are what have the potential to lead Hive into much more adoption. I know the popular opinion on Hive is that we need long form content and short form content doesn't have a place here, however I think that's the furthest thing from the truth.

We need short, bite sized content here because....That's what gets more people engaging.

So....How can I use Liketu and cross promote it with some of the projects I'm working on?

Well, I'm an entrepreneur and love to get inspired each and every day!


And one of the ways I have for years is read, write down and memorize quotes. It might seem tacky for some but others, really enjoy a little bit of positivity in their feeds, and I know I do. So I collect a lot of these quotes on my journey.

And I write them down....On Index cards!


I have hundreds of these quotes, written down in my stash and at least once a day....I browse through them. It gives me a boost, a kick in the butt at times to keep moving forward. And it's a habit I'm so glad I started doing years ago because wow....I've got so many of these written down, it's constant inspiration and motivation for my content on Hive and online businesses!

So how can we get more people inspired here on Hive, while using a killer application like Liketu?

We're calling it #Index4Index

And here's how it works.....

Step 1: Grab some index cards at your local business supply store, and start writing these inspirational quotes you find online down!


What motivates you?

What inspires you?

What works and what doesn't?

Step 2: Then take a picture of that quote, saying, or useful tip and upload it to Liketu!

Step 3: Use the hashtag #Index4Index and we'll send you INDEX tokens for doing so....

Simple right?

As this isn't a challenge per se, it's more of a habit we want to see people start to adopt. Filling their timelines with inspiration quotes and using a great app like Liketu.


Who knows how impactful it'll be, but we'll see how it goes :)

We'll be giving out a ton of Index tokens from our personal stash for action takers of #Index4Index and of course, sending out upvotes, HSBI tokens and so much more.

This should be a lot of fun and hopefully we see some fantastic content out there that helps Hive become that much more inspirational to us all :)




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