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It [Teamwork] is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

-- Andrew Carnegie

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About the only way one person can obtain uncommon results is if the person controlled all factors involved in whatever was being done or made. It would take lots of time and effort to be in this position, and once there the person ends up dying of old age.

A more sensible way for people to achieve uncommon results is to join with like-minded people and work toward achieving a shared or common goal. Each of us has unique talents and skills which can be used to advance a cause, realize a dream, or win a championship.

When we do this, we also take advantage of division of labor. Each of us does what we're good at, and later all the inputs are put together to product the final good or to achieve the final result.


Some (More) Information about Andrew Carnegie

Periodically Andrew Carnegie went to Great Britain on business while with the Pennsylvania Railroad. Those trips helped give him the foresight to see that iron and steel would be in big demand. With this in mind, he left Pennsylvania Railroad in 1865 in order to manage the Keystone Bridge Company.

Around age 38 (1872-1873), Carnegie increased his focus on steel. This is when he founded J. Edgar Thomson Steel works, which itself would become known as the Carnegie Steel Company. It was at Carnegie's steel plants where the Bessemer Process, first developed in Great Britain, was used to make steel in the United States.

Any innovation which helped accelerate the development of steel was used by Carnegie. This included very detailed cost-accounting and production-accounting procedures which enabled Carnegie and his companies to to take advantage of greater efficiencies in the manufacture and delivery of steel. This included purchasing the fields where coke and iron-ore deposits were located. Just as important, Carnegie made sure his companies owned the railroads and ships which transported his steel. This ownership of anything related to the final product is one of the earliest examples of vertical integration in American manufacturing.

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