Just a grouper; has satisfied the sensation of fishing

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Fishing is an attempt to try your luck. Sometimes we bring home a lot of fish, sometimes we don't get a fish.

Like yesterday, I have been fishing for 6 hours and only 1 fish I managed to catch. It's just a grouper weighing 8 ounces with live fish bait in its big mouth. That's more than enough, because I've gotten the satisfaction of feeling the sensation of the attraction and resistance of the fish. The sensation of fighting against the pull of such a heavy grouper, was incredibly heavy because I used a Shimano type Sienna C1000 reel device made in Japan (ball bearing 3+1, gear ratio 5:01 and line PE 1). This is a very light fishing tool that is for the ultralight fishing class.

Grouper is known as an expensive fish because of its soft and delicious meat. It is very popular with seafood culinary lovers. The sensation of being pulled is also very popular with anglers, because of the characteristics of its heavy tug resistance and pulling the fishing line to the bottom of the water according to its habitat on the bottom. It hunts in ambush and immediately swallows its prey. If you are not careful, your fishing tool will plunge into the water. He is also famous for his body color which has a beautiful pattern, so it is often also used as a pet in the aquarium. There are many references that mention the grouper family has 46 species around the world, you can easily find it yourself on the internet.

My fishing hobby is not to fish, but just for fun. The thing is fun, anyone will be happier, if they get a lot of fish. That means you will feel more of the sensation of the fish's resistance when provoked. That sensation of fish resistance was what I was looking for and wanted. It takes skill and patience in serving the fish fight until it can land perfectly in your hand.

The sensation of conquering fish is the main thing that fishing hobbyists want. It was different with the fishermen. The main goal of fishermen is to get fish. Of course fishermen are more skilled at conquering fish because of their experience and it becomes their daily source of income. They have a goal of getting as many fish as possible to take home and then sell.

In contrast to fishing hobbyists, they do not set targets, they are just trying to satisfy the craving and curiosity of the sensation of attracting fish. That's the reason why they always do it. When they get a fish pull, then they are satisfied. It doesn't matter how big and how many fish they catch. Because by using the right tools, any big fish will give resistance.

Here are photos of the only beautiful mud grouper I got;








Whatever your hobby, this satisfaction is also what you want. Give your opinion in the comments column. What is your hobby and what satisfaction do you want from it?

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