Introductory post on Hive; Let me introduce myself

Hi all Hive lovers, glad to meet you here!



I would like to introduce my self,

My name is Zikry. There is no second or middle name, nor is there a last name. My name is only my first name and that is my legal name (you can call me Mr. Zik or @justbabybee). I come from Indonesia, an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia which is very diverse in ethnicity and cultural customs. The world knows my country better with #Bali or #Sabang, both of which are favorite tourist spots for foreign tourists.
Sabang is where I come from, a small island at the tip of Sumatra in the waters of the Indian Ocean.
I am very happy and honored to know and be involved in this platform. Many thanks to through the FAQ column which has explained in detail to my many questions. About how this social media platform works, its general rules and basic principles, etc. There are 29 explanations in all, very complete. Including that, I've also learned how to make posts. The first post that is highly recommended is an introductory post. If it's not there, then you will be targeted by @hivesniper or @lovesniper and you will always be chased by them. The bullet will be in your posts and you will never know where a sniper is, right?
I became impatient and without any problems through @ecency I have successfully registered my @justbabybee account on a project that was founded by @good-karma 6 years ago, it has been a long time and whoever you will surely appreciate for its ability to survive and develop. It's never too late to start something good and all of you who have joined here first, must be very lucky!


“Who am I?”

Since childhood, I have always changed domicile, (as I recall, it was no less than fifty different places), this is because my family and I have to follow my parents' duties. Now, when I have grown up, my pair of children also have to go through the same thing because my job has to move from place to place as well. It has shaped my adventurous spirit. I really enjoy getting to know new people with their own customs and culture, as well as exploring new areas with their own uniqueness. I have learned a lot from it all. I wouldn't mind sharing my experience with you in #HiveCommunities.



"Why am I called BabyBee?"

Actually it is a prayer and a call from my grandmother who is currently still healthy (she is now approaching 82 years old). I was her first grandson and She hoped that my life would be like a bee's; which will not "harm" living in a place - will not be harmful if not disturbed, and - will only "consume" good things and will always produce all good things too. When I grew up I just understood the philosophy of "prayer and nicknames" for me.
I believe, everyone who has joined the #hive community are the chosen people who always do useful things and are committed to always doing good things and being useful to each other.


“My daily activities”

I work in the legal and social fields. My job requires me to interact with many different people. Therefore, I feel lucky to be able to gain knowledge and many new lessons regarding the lives of many people. How come? I can always learn many things, especially when I am able to help solve their problems. Actually I can be called a motivator because of my job and I can also be called a mediator when I succeed in facilitating peace between people in dispute with a win-win solution.
Later, if I get permission from them, I will share it with you too. Hopefully we can all learn from the problems that other people have experienced.


"My interest"

I am very happy to venture into the wild, especially to places far from the crowds. It can be in the forest, downstream of the river and in the middle of the sea while fishing, even I can be in the middle of the old city in the middle of the night. Adventure has given me the opportunity to balance my interactions with many people in my day-to-day work, I used to contemplate while enjoying the stunning natural beauty of the places I just visited. .
I also really enjoy various culinary menus from various different places, my job which is always moving from place to place has provided this opportunity, there are many strange and unique foods that we can enjoy in many places, each place has its own uniqueness, right? However, there is one thing that I cannot forget every day, which is a cup of coffee. I always brew or order coffee without sugar every morning. In reasonable doses, it will nourish the body and it will also make life feel more alive.
I'm sure there are many communities here that can facilitate our common interests. If you are willing, please introduce it to me.






"My philosophy of life"

Live like a bee and its hive; do good to anyone, in any way and without expecting anything. Your kindness will be returned by people you do not expect, in ways you never expect and will exceed what you have given.


"How am I here?"

I really don't mind sharing experiences and learning from each other. My motto is “life is a learning process to be better in the future”.
I am ready to learn from all of you and will be very happy if you provide constructive criticism for me.
As a new member here, I wouldn't be able to do much and certainly wouldn't be able to develop without the support of all of you. I am very grateful for all your support, it will mean a lot to me and we will all support each other.

This is the end of my self-introduction.



“Let's introduce this good community to more people!”

Good luck for the future

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