Time as a student-What I would do differently.

At some point in our lives we’ve made some wrong decisions to which it’s implications we now face, but back then we didn’t think they would have consequences. Sometimes we wish we could go back and change some of those decisions.


What I would change
When I enrolled at high school, I made a decision not to join any of the high school clubs and while many people joined clubs like, Red Cross, Debate club among others, I on the other hand saw it as a waste of time and a distraction from academic studies. And while others got training in different areas on how to cope with real world situations I only concentrated on academics.

This was was a decision I didn’t saw the implications of till now. Not joining any of those clubs has really had implications on my life in the University . In tertiary institutions you’re asked to do projects, presentations and other activities that require self confidence and good communication skills. I find it hard to give speeches or presentations due to lack of confidence and good communication skills. Joining those clubs opened my colleagues to many opportunities and also helped them develop confidence and good communication skills. The student executive board are full of people who have leadership experience and skills they learnt from high school clubs. People like that have an advantage over you in most aspects as they are experienced. They’re are always one step ahead and they’ve found university life seamless.

This is a decision that has had a negative impact on me and if I had a chance to go back to high school, that is definitely something I would change. I’ve learnt that school is not only about academics but also how to cope with the real world and joining those clubs would’ve given me a better insight.

There are a lot other things I would change but this is the one that has had a massive impact on my life.

Thank you all for reading.

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