Back in time || Things I would have done differently in High School

Going back in time to do the needful in other to change the present is something we humans would have loved to do. Thanks to the hard work of the hive students hub community, this week's write-up allows us to write about what we would have done differently if we were given the chance to go back in time.

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People tell their stories about how they regretted not joining any clubs or participating in any sporting activities back in high school, but rather focused on the academic work, mine has to do with none of those things.

When I was enrolled in High school, I started hanging out with these friends of mine, we used to skip class just in the name of flexing, and never really cared about any school or studies. Little did I know that what I was doing was affecting me negatively, it got to a time that my parents knew me to be in school, but in school, I was nowhere to be found, I wasn’t on campus and I wasn’t also attending class.

We came together to rent a room outside school, my friends will sometimes go out and later on come in with girls. We partied a lot as the days went by. I became the fool among them, I say this because they were from a rich home and whenever we vacate and go to our various homes, their parents get them a teacher who takes them through some of the courses we’ve done or are yet to do in school, basically they were always a step ahead of us. Before I knew what was going on, we were in the third term of our form 2 going into our final year of high school. After knowing what was going on I decided to distance myself from them and focused, by then it was too late for me to catch up. I started joining group studies which helped me a lot.

The lucky part of it was that after breaking free from them, it wasn’t so long until they were caught and given an indefinite suspension.

If I’m ever given the chance to go back in time to write the wrongs I did in high school, this is what I will do write, and desist from joining these friends of mine in the first place.

I stop here by inviting you the reader to come join the discussion and share with us what you would have done differently if you were given the chance to travel back to high school. I am sure there are things you would love to change. Share with us what things you would like to change if you were given the chance.

Thank You

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