My First Days as an Axie Infinity Scholar || Part 1 || Axie Infinity


Part 1: How I got into Axie Infinity
Part 2:Applying for scholarship

It felt like winning the lottery. Having my discord name called made me dance in joy. I was able to be accepted as a scholar by applying as a writer. I just have to create scripts or guides that could help other scholars. (At this point of time, I was still quite ignorant about the glorious Hive blogging. By twist of fate, now I can use my created guides here in Hive and earn some glorious HBD.)

The wait was exciting. Soon I will be able to adventure with some cute Axies Yehey! Banzai! Hurrah! Unfortunately, I was too absorbed with my excitement. I was unprepared.

The Axie was given to me at 6:00 in the evening. At this time I had to finish my daily chores and other responsibilities. By 7 pm, I plan to start playing. But I did not know what to do. I had to ask left and right. Thankfully, my guildmates were kind enough to guide me.

I booted up my game. Excitement filled my heart. But once again, I panicked after starting the game.

“Where are my Axies?” I asked myself while staring at my phone’s screen..

Once again I asked hurriedly in our guild’s discord channel. Patiently, my guildmates guided me. I decided to myself to do the same in the future. They taught me the step by step process when starting the game. Now it’s finally time to play the game!

Axie Infinity here I come!

axie team.png

I stared at my Axies. Look at that beauty, that curves. I was in love. I was excited. My mind can already see earnings waving at me. I was already planning ahead. “I will buy my own Axies soon!”, I declared.

Like kicking an iron board, the game was harder than it seems. Despite it’s cute appearance, the game has been quite challenging. I almost failed at the easiest adventure ruin lol. Luckily, I was able to finish till adventure ruin 7. I thought everything was going smoothly. I was getting tired already but I have yet to complete my 150 SLP quota.

I was getting desperate. I kept on grinding and repeating adventure ruins 7. I get 2 SLP every win in adventure ruins every win. It took me 10 minutes to win. I was still far off the quota. Furthermore, I have yet to start with my PVP game.

I almost gave up. It is already 3 am. I was feeling sleepy, and I only have 40 SLP at the moment. I wanted to go to my manager and apologize. Suddenly, I remembered what my guildmate told me! My guildmate and friend @mechpolaris, “Grind ruins 5 repeatedly at the start. It is faster to finish.”. I had to slap myself hard. I was being stupid.

Luckily, I finished at around 5 am. I was so tired but I felt relieved. I was able to complete 150 SLP for the first day. I had to sleep the whole day and prepare for the next grind.

The second day went a little bit better. Using all my energy on adventure allowed me to complete the adventure mode a bit faster.I was adapting. Then I asked my friends how their grind was. I was shocked when they said that they finished at 10 pm. Welp, looks like I’m the weaker one

I learned a lot with this experience. Axie Infinity is not an instant cash faucet. It requires dedication and focus. There was no shortcut with the game. But one can be smart on how to approach the problem. Just like in real life.


To be Continued in Part 2: Surviving the First week as a Scholar Guide || Axie Infinity

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