The mystery of baptism

Hello friends and guests! This is my entry for the #monomad challenge. I want to share with you this magical atmosphere of baby baptism through photographs.


Each of us has our own convictions, believe or not believe, go to church or not. In Russia, Christianity is more widespread and it is customary to baptize a small child.
During the sacrament of baptism, the father reads a prayer, conducts the rite of baptism of the child, from which the heart begins to flutter inside.




It's just an incredible feeling of the closeness of something magical, magical and kind.


The baby is bathed in a font, then some hair is cut off from the back of the head and sticks to a piece of a candle, which has melted from the fire. This piece of hair with a candle is a symbol of the child's amulet for life.

After baptism, parents receive a certificate where the godparents of the child are inscribed.


After that, all the relatives of the baby go to the common hall to the altar. If the child is a boy, then the father-father brings him into the altar in his arms. Girls cannot be brought to the altar, and the father carries the child only along the icons.


After baptism and service, we always light candles for the health of our family.



I want to wish you good health! I want to wish you peace and tranquility in your soul!
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Best wishes, Oksana

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