Here We Go Again

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the Kentucky Attorney General's announcement not to charge anyone with the killing of Breonna Taylor (one officer was charged for firing into a neighboring apartment).


This time last year LMPD had barricaded and blockaded downtown already, blocking streets with dump trucks and concrete barriers, erecting fences and setting up checkpoints.


Supposedly, nobody knew what the decision would be but we took preemptive preparations such as these to be a bad sign.


Our suspicions were soon proven correct and the AG's announcement touched off a sequence of events that would make that week the wildest, longest, most insane week of my life.


That night a year ago was the sort that nightmares are made of. When it finally came to an end my partner had been arrested while acting as a medic and I'd been flashbanged and pursued (along with hundreds of others) by LMPD until the pursuit culminated in a shooting that left two LMPD officers wounded.


Today I received word that there's an action planned for tomorrow to mark the anniversary. Among other things, the flyer that I saw mentioned that it was imperative to wear black, which sounds eerily like a call for a black bloc. I have a bad feeling about this but I can hardly not be there, y'all keep us in your thoughts tomorrow.


If you want to know more about that day a year ago, check out Emotional Day In Louisville and Apocalypse Now 2020 Style, two posts I wrote about it in the immediate aftermath.

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