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For my article today, I will be sharing about these men who were packing pineapples in boxes for selling.

By the way, do you have lots of pineapples in your place?
A few kilometers from where I live, there are vast pineapple plantations from Delmonte Philippines.

And these pineapples have not passed the quality that is required for the canned pineapples that will reach your place. In fact, these are already called rejects and were sold, not only to regain and profit but to get rid of something that the company does not want to throw away.

Teh pineapples were sold per kilo from teh factory but then they will be sold per piece; depends on the seller. some even sell them already sliced but of course, they are already pricey.

I don't really eat many pineapples though it has lots of vitamin C. Its acidity can harm my tongue making it very painful.

But what I like about it most is dipping the flesh in salt and chili, they taste the best.

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