Asian Hive Community Challenge #9: Meet our pets , our stress relievers.


One of our stress reliever is our pet. They gave us joy everytime we see them and interacting with them. They are like humans too who showed love and share especially the dogs. They give fun to the house and the owners life.

Here in your house we have three pets. We have a dog, a fish and a rabbit.

Let's start with our dog.



You can call him bisoy. He is 8 years old now. Originally it was owned by my sister because she's the one who bought it before. This dog is a mix breed of aspin and labrador as per the person who sell this dog to my sister. Before his staying inside our house when he was a baby but when he grew up he needs to put in a cage because he's fighting other dogs outside. I always said that this dog is so handsome because he really do. He really loves when you are scratching his tummy. He also loves eating liempo and sinigang.

Next one is my husband's guppies.




It's been a couple of months since my husband bought a set of fish and breed them. At first i am not interested with it but as the time goes by i learn how to love them. Sometimes when my husband is not here i am the one who feed them. I also love to see the fry because they are look cute. My husband has different varieties of guppies and danios but this one is my favorite. This is the oldest among my husband is fish. Yesterday 3 off his group is passed away and we didn't know the reason why.

The third one is this couple rabbits.




This rabbits were given on my father by his boss. The name of the rabbits are bongbong and sarah. I am also the one who are responsible of taking care of them and feeding them. Since the first week i really enjoying feeding them and watching them because they are really cute. I am also overwhelmed and happy because everytime they see me walking near to them they look so excited. I am giving them different leafy vegetables and also grass for their food. I am also planning to read them because i want more rabbits in the house.

Having a pet is fun but it's also means having an added responsibility because pets are just human too. You need to take good care of them and love them.

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