Let Me Get Close To Hive ASEAN Community Members

Dear all Asean hive community members. In this post, I would like to get close to all of you. Besides that, I would like to mention some of these community members and state where they are from. I try to read all your posts, but I may forget where you are from. Please correct me if I am wrong!
First of all, I would like to reintroduce myself to this growing and warm community. People call me Fauzi. I was born in Central Java, Purworejo. It is a small town in the west of Yogyakarta. It is about an hour away by motorcycle or car from Yogyakarta. I used to be a school teacher, but today I am a full time hive blogger. In the day, I do a little food business. It gives me additional income for my family. I hope I can make my foodie business grow in the near future.


I have three children and one wife. I don't think I should get any more wives... lol 🤣 because my wife can slam me... 😣for the time being.

Correct Me If I'm Wrong!

  1. @justinparke
    He is a great man. He is also a cool father. He is from the USA. He married a Campodian woman. Now he lives in Suriname. He has two kids. I think because I am Javanese, I like to call him " Mas Justin" Hahaha. Or " Mas Bro Justin". Mas is a call for a respected man in Javanese culture. While "Mas Bro " is a call for a man in closed relationship. Bro comes from "brother", but Javanese people make it shorter to " Bro".
  2. @sreypov
    She is @justinparke 's wife. She is from Cambodia, but she lives in Suriname with her family. She likes cooking. I like her cooking posts.
  3. @kidsisters
    This account is @justinparke 's daughter. I think the account is managed by both Sree-Yuu and Monkey B. Both are great girls. At an early age, they can do blogging. I have the same age kids as they are, but my kids still like playing better than doing serious activities.
  4. @anggreklestari
    She is a beautiful girl. She is from Medan. She is one that I have learned most about how to post in hive. I do not get teaching lessons from her, but I do steal some of her style in posting. I apologize for stealing your way to making a successful blog in hive. She is a curator in hive. She will read, browse and select posts that deserve to earn upvotes from some whales. So, be cool to her....😀
  5. @razack-pulo
    He is an internist. He is from Aceh. He likes drinking coffee because he has a coffee plantation. If you want to try Gayo coffee from Aceh, he knows a lot about it. In his busy day as a medical worker, he is still active in hive blogging. Salam .... Bro from Bekasi.
  6. @grabe.radke
    He is from Vietnam. He is a great blogger. He is not comfortable with the lockdown situation in Vietnam.
  7. @davidke20
    He is from Malaysia. I am not sure why he adds "20" to his hive account name. He is one of the biggest delegators in the @asean.hive.
  8. @gooddream
    He is an American, but now he is in Vietnam. He is one of the biggest delegators in @asean.hive. I like to read his posts. However, the account name gooddream reminds me to have good dreams. He has a cool dog named " Nadi".
  9. @jack.russelle
    I think he is from Thailand. He does not post very often. I am not sure if he is of Thai origin or not, but I am sure that he lives in Thailand now.
  10. @mers
    She is from an ASEAN country, but she may live in Europe, if I am not mistaken. She likes to post some landscapes of where she is visiting. I love her photos in her posts. She likes travelling.
  11. @winelay
    She is a beautiful girl. She is from Myanmar. She likes to farm, I think, because some of her posts talk about plants in her gardens. She is also creative enough to make some handcrafts.
  12. @sarimanok
    She is from the Philippines. I like her design of the ASEAN hive footer banner. It is a cool banner that I am proud of and use it on my posts.
  13. @rosmadirazali
    He is from Malaysia. I think he lives in Kuala Lumpur. Hi, this is a warm greeting from Jakarta. 😀.
  14. @isdarmady
    He is now in Medan. He likes coffee too. He is a farmer, a hydrophonic farmer. That is a cool profession and hobby that not all people can do.
    There are many more ASEAN hive community members that I do not know much about. I hope I will make good friends with all the ASEAN people in hive. I would also give warm greeting to @aswita @firayumi @titisnariyah @elizacheng @atma.love @chaingmai.hhh @june.bride @tomyl33 and many more members that I could not mention all.
    Thanks for reading my post. This post is to make the relationships in the ASEAN hive community closer. I also apologize for mentioning your name in my post. I hope you can accept me as your pal friend on this platform.

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