mesh making

Hi friends how are you all?In this post I want to share the process of making fishing nets,Let's see the process,

friends where I live the rainy season has arrived, sometimes it rains for a day, sometimes from morning to night, anyway in these few days it's been raining continuously,so many people can't do their activities,
But this young man is quite creative, he uses his skills to knit nets,Now for the nets themselves there are several categories, there are for big fish, there are also for small fish, and for medium fish,

friends, you can see in that picture, he hung his nets on small poles, I don't understand what he meant to do that, because I'm not a net expert, hehe
Maybe it was to make it easier for her to knit it,

This young man is smart enough, he completes one net within 25 days, usually one net takes more than a month, wow, this young man Even though his activities were stopped due to rain, he was able to make money from selling fishing nets,This net that is being knitted is for medium fish, maybe the order for today,He knits nets depending on the order from the consumer, that's really good, friends,
This is an example for myself to be good at dealing with my personal economic stability,

Maybe this is all I can share,In another post I will try to give a different one I will continue to strive to provide useful,

Thank you very much for all friends Regards@kangsalam.

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