My Hive Story continues...

Hive is like a magical garden... Miracles happen... Friendship blossoms... Drama, yes... But well everywhere has drama... So I only focus on the good and positivity... And I am very blessed to have lots of awesome friends from around the world... I may not be very active in engaging with many people but I do have you in my heart... I am really grateful and cherish our friendship...


@mariannewest's freewrite is one of the best challenge that made me realize that everyone can write... Yes... Every one of us has the potential of writing good story... Just need to believe in ourselves and just write...

@tattoodjay's WednesdayWalk... A great collaboration with my MakeMeSmile... WALK and SMILE is really a great combination... Sharing photos of our walks from all around the world... Spreading the smile to everyone's face... This is just a great activity... And really enjoy seeing different parts of the world from your walk posts...

@dswigle's MarketFriday... We get to visit different markets from everywhere in the world... Different cultures different markets... It's eye opening to see different part of the world...

@melinda010100's ShadowHunter... I never thought shadow photo can be this interesting... Before this challenge, I never really take any shadow photos... But now I would hunt for any interesting shadows...

@annephilbrick's ReflectionHunter... Another interesting photo challenge that I love... Many creative and awesome photographers who share their breathtaking reflection photos... And because of this reflection hunting challenge, I fell in love with taking double reflection photo of my car side mirror...

There are so many awesome and interesting challenges on the blockchain... All of these are wonderful blog ideas that we can use for our daily posting... This is one of the way that keep me motivated and posting every single day for the past 2 years... Yes... You may ask how on earth do I find ideas to post everyday... Well, the ideas are on the blockchain... Just browse through the posts and you will find something that can inspire you...

I hope you can find you inspiration and motivation on the blockchain and Hive On!!!


Thanks to Justin (@ justinparke), you gave me an idea, maybe I can add a Malay word in every post. Then everyone can learn a new language.

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