Why Not Cycling? 🚴‍♀️🚵‍♂️

As foreseen, the little virus having destructive power, covid 19 came back again to Vietnam after some months to be in control. We knew that! So long as we don't have the right vaccines to kill them. Consequently, we are suffering from light lockdown almost everywhere. Restaurants and coffee shops are all closed, many activities are restricted. Many people feel itchy feet and unbreathable with the situation.


However, we always need to look into positive points as people are still able to do outdoor sports like jogging, badminton, tennis, etc. It seems like a trend, many people are buying bicycles, especially trekking ones, such good business at the moment 😅, but I will not talk about it in this article ;)

Quick shot when going with a friend to bicycle shop

I understand the "WHY" of people choosing this vehicle, it's not only a simple sport that is good for physical health but also a great mental help. Let me highlight five physical benefits of cycling at first. According to research, riding a bicycle every day can help you 👇

  • Increase muscles strength and flexibility
  • Improve balance, posture, and coordination
  • Decrease body fat levels
  • Strengthen your bones
  • Reduce the risk of diseases like cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc.

Cycling is a positive start in the morning. That's a good reason to get out of your comfortable bed and enjoy nature. In the meantime, you can stay fit as everyone wants to be in good shape and well protect from diseases, covid is a good example to prevent 💪


There are a lot of children in my street and every day, they park their bikes in front of my apartment and waiting for us. I love their bike and sometimes could borrow it for small ride 👻


Besides physical advantages, riding bicycles can help you away from mental problems like stress, depressed and lonely feelings. Many friends of mine have texted me during this uncertain time and shared quite negative thoughts which they got effects from social media nowadays. The only thing that I can say always is please stay away from social media about covid news. The fact, I know it isn't easy for everyone as the environment, situation, and mindset of each person is different, therefore, the most important thing is making yourself active physically. Thanks to cycling, your mind will be refresh when you are in nature and have communications (even only eyes contacts). As mentioned, you are allowed to do outdoor workouts, so why not cycling? It's simple and joyful. You can discover a lot of new places in small alleys and mountain trails.

A little wooden house that I found when cycling in a small alley in town.
Enjoy ocean breeze longer while riding a bicycle

Moreover, our little bicycle is so environmentally friendly. It uses no gasoline and electricity, which helps to reduce carbon footprint which is very bad and able to cause air pollution. In addition, this kind of transport can replace with other vehicles when you don't need to move in long distances and don't want to take a walk. The extra miles of bicycles are you will not suffer from traffic jams. That's a huge benefit, isn't it?


Cycling has great positive effects on you. So why not spend this weekend in nature with your little bike? I am waiting for you at the end of the road 😘

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic weekend ahead. Stay safe and much 

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