Spring garden cleanup - Garden blog 2303.2

Wet Daffodil

Welcome to my garden blog 2023.2 🌻 We had a little rain so I took the opportunity to move some daffodils into the beds by our drive.

Bed along driveway

We have crocus, daffodils, and tulips we put in last year. The cluster of two color daffodils in the middle and the two clumps off to the right are new today. We have been eyeing some "voluteer" daffodils at the edge of a nearby field. Our neighbor dumps all the clean up from his garden and yard along the edge of the woods and there are some flowers growing there now. We transplanted some to level up our new beds 😊


Moving on the garden, we cleaned up the beds before the rain came. We had some garlic that we planted last year but it was shaded by other plants and never really got going. But it over wintered and is off to a good start this year 😁 We gently transplanted it all together in the end of the bed near the gate. Its the only thing in our raised beds right now. We have started seedlings inside and I will update you on those in another post. But its too early to move anything outside yet.

Raspberry supports

I fashioned some supports for the raspberries from scrap lumber. I also added a new fence post to repair the fence section damaged by a fallen tree this winter.

Finished beds

The big project for the day was adding some narrow beds along the fence. We are going to use them for radishes, onions, and other small plants that need some space outside of the jungle of the bigger beds 🙂


I had to breakdown and buy some new lumber for the sides of the beds but I found scraps to do the ends. We used hugelkultur principles to fill the beds. Starting with cardboard for a barrier at the bottom then some sticks and leaves for fill. We added more but didn't get a picture. This was just the start.

Add soil

Next we added some fill soil and then better gardening coil for the top.

New Beds

We added four narrow beds about 4 foot by 6 inches each. Lots of new space. Inside the fence 😄 protected from rabbits and deer plus with better soil than the acidic local soil under the pine trees. No way to keep the squirrels out 😑 For those of you in the northern hemisphere, I hope your gardens are coming together. Its an exciting time of year with the flowers coming up and leaves popping on the trees!

Cloudy day

I'll end with a picture of the lake on this cloudy day. Thanks for checking out my post 👍

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