Gardening in small space is possible

Gardening is fun and beneficial. Taking care of it, watching them grow, harvesting and eating them fresh from your garden is so satisfying.


Gardening has been always a part of our lives. We always wanted to have a garden, to plant and to care some plants until they grow and can be eaten.

Big space is what we really need so we could have a wide garden. But having a small space is still good if you really wanted to have one. If you like to have a garden, you can always find ways to have it.

Since May 10, we transferred here in a place near the road and we don't have so much space. We don't have backyard and our front yard is already the side of the road. But my husband also wanted to plant some vegetables in a small space in our front yard so he find ways by using some recyclable materials like sacks, broken basin and containers.


This is the beginning of our small garden. He asked some soil in my sister in law and put it in the sacks and container.


On the second week here are they. My husband replanted them and we are so happy with their progress.

We planted pechay, raddish, eggplant, string beans and squash.


This is our small garden in front of our small house near the road. Most people who passes by will notice our small garden and they really appreciate it. Some of them said, "Oh! it is really possible to have a garden even in a small space". Some also said "Wow! they are so healthy." "Wow! I will try these too in our house."

We are happy that our small garden became an inspiration to others that they can do gardening too even in small spaces.


This is the third week. They grow so fast right? Every morning we check on them and seeing them grows makes us happy.


My son also helps in taking care of our garden. He helps watering the plants and he always check on them too to make sure no chicken will damage our plants. In the evening, he and his father will also check for snails eating the leaves of pechay.

We always try to protect them from snail and chickens. But one time, my husband noticed some uprooted pechay. We don't know who does it until one time he saw the daughter of our neighbor sitting beside our garden and surprisingly she is the one who did it. She uprooted it just like a grass in their farm too. So, we don't have choice but to replant some to it.


There is also time that we leave house for market and when we got home, some of our pechay are uprooted too by the chicken. How sad we are that time especially my husband. So, he tried to plant it again. He then look for a net and covered our small garden.


In the fourth week, they are already like that. They look so good and it inspires us more to take care of them. We always water them early in the morning and also in the afternoon.




We also use rice water as organic water for them. Everytime we cook, we never throw the rice water but instead we will water it in the plants. You haven't tried it? Try this one too in your plants.


In the fifth week they are so amazing. Some of the pechay can be harvested because pechay will become mature in 30 to 40 days and it is already 35 days as of today.

Last Wednesday, we harvested 5 pieces of pechay and my husband bought some fish for it. It was the first harvest we had from this small garden.


My son is so excited eating the pechay because he knows it came from our garden and he also waters them.

As of today, here they are.



This is an additional to my draft. I am looking a community where I can post this gardening activity and luckily I found @hivegarden and found @riverflows post about September 1 garden journal challenge and the challenge will end in 5 hours. Oh! I can still join and I think my post also fits in this challenge.

This is my first post in this community and I hope to share and learn a lot more here.

Gardening is a good family bonding too. Every member of the family can have their part in taking care of the plants and the garden as a whole.

Gardening is possible everywhere. It only needs creativity, willingness and courage. Small space is not a problem to those person who really wants to plant and have a garden.

Plant. Take care. Grow. Harvest. Eat fresh.

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