September 1 Garden Journal Challenge [For Real This Time] - PLUS - Win Hive AND Leo!

After last fortnight's debacle when I accidentally posted the challenge two weeks early, I'm back to tell you it's a go NOW - start your mower, get out your secateurs and your tomato collecting baskets and write me your September garden journal now!! Exciting stuff! !

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I do appreciate early entries this month if possible - I bet some of you have them ready to go.

Secondly - an apology for me! I entirely forgot to hand out the last lot of prizes. Sometimes admin is just beyond me. For everyone that entered the Big Vegetable challenge by dropping a comment, check your wallet for 1 HIVE. The last challenge winners also would have recieved their prizes AT LAST - apologies to @farm-mom @goldenoakfarm @luckylaica @senorcoconut and @sofs-su - you would have FINALLY recieved your winnings on the 29th - only three weeks late! Can I use the fact I was lost in my broccoli patch as an excuse? Oh, also the Poem challenge - what fun! All entries received 1 HIVE - the final poem can be found via the @gardenhive and thanks @rubenaalexander @thebigsweed @proto26
@goldenoakfarm @sanjeevm @hindvai @anttn for joining in! I've also set the ultimate winner a part beneficiary. No, I didn't include all the odes to ME - you can't butter me up like a bean! Well, you can... poems to me are always welcome hahah!


  • Reblog this if you can
  • No videos (I don't have time) and no posts under 300 words
  • You can share a friend's garden, a botanical garden or community garden if you don't have your own
  • Drop your link under here when done - no link, no entry
  • Refer to this post in your blog
  • First tag should be #gardenjournal, and post in the community to qualify.


VEGETABLE GARDEN PRIZE - 10 HIVE, to be distributed amongst the best posts depending on entries.

PASSION GARDEN PRIZE - 5 HIVE, to be awarded to the most passionate gardener of the week.

Selfie Prize Go in the draw to win 2 HIVE for the best garden selfie!

Tagging below some past entrants - if you'd like to be alerted every month let me know in the comments and I'll add your name next month.

@plantstoplanks @sofs-su @nikv @owasco @buckaroobaby @farm-mom @thebigsweed @polesinns @andrastia @holisticmom @queenoftheworld @porters @amygoodrich @fanyokami @phoenixwren @anafae @tanjakolader @yolithy24 @andrastia @minismallholding @goldenoakfarm @nateonsteemit @sanjeevm @kennyroy @simplymike @dodovietnam @babeltrips @trangbaby @kaelci @shanibeer @proto26 @ifarmgirl @foxfireorchards @artemislives @edprivat @meesterboom @momogrow @attn @luckylaica @blingit @traisto @skylinebuds @fotostef @tydynrain @hindavi @vibeof100monkeys @samstonehill @anttn



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