GroVid22 Challenge 2 for HiveGarden with DreemPort: Favorites



The Second GroVid22 Challenge with HiveGarden

We're SO excited to partner up with HiveGarden Community this month, for the START of the #GroVid22 Challenge! Thanks to some AMAZING members of the community, @riverflows @minismallholding @gardenhive! We're so EXCITED to be FEATURING HiveGarden Community.

Last week was a great success, with Winners Earning DREEM TOKENS
THIS WEEK let's see if you can BEAT YOUR SCORE!

How does this work?

Step 1. You don't HAVE to - but you CAN join The HIVEGARDEN community! That way, even after the @dreemport #GroVid22 is done, you have a brand new awesome community connection! It also makes navigating there easily for the three weeks of challenges we have shining the light on them! Here is the link to The HiveGarden Community

Step 2. Write us a story about Gardening. Tell us about your FAVORITE things about Gardens! Show us a picture and in your OWN WORDS, tell us about why you love that Growing picture? Tell us WHAT YOU WANT to grow this year. This challenge this week is about FAVORITES! (A story, pictures with lots of words, or a video? You decide). Post it Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Step 3. Don't forget, to use #GroVid22, #dreemer, and #gardening tags to take part in the CHALLENGE.

Step 4. On THURSDAY - all people who are participating in the DreemPort Challenge featuring The HiveGarden will DROP THEIR URL posts into DreemPort

Step 5. But I never used DreemPort before? It's ok! Here's Step by Step Instructions on how easy it is!

Step 6. IMPORTANT!!! Be sure to read The HiveGarden community rules

You can find the community rules at the top of The HiveGarden community (right side of the page). Please read the rules BEFORE posting in The HiveGarden, as they outline the "do's and don'ts." The HiveGarden's community rules are designed to make the community a safe, welcoming, plagiarism-free space for gardeners.

@dreemport is about new connections, genuine engagement and steady support - BUT, we also love this aspect of our project: You have a measurable rating given to you, based on your audience support!

Why is that awesome?

• Because it allows you to have a very tangible way of recognizing if you're connecting with your audience.
• It allows you to see if you are improving or slipping.
• It challenges you to improve, and increase your score!

So let's see you hone those skills to try your best to appeal to your audience!

Cheat sheet:

Write your post for the HiveGarden GroVid22 Challenge. FOLLOW THEIR GUIDELINES, PLEASE! On Thursday - submit your POST into DreemPort by 4pm PST. Friday's pool of DreemPort posts will contain YOUR entry. Everyone who visits DreemPort on Friday will have a chance to curate (rank and rate) those posts! On Saturday - you'll see your results!

For the winners - we announce the top 5 based on the opinions of all the public curators who logged in that day! (and yep - YOU can join in the curation on Friday - we hope you do!) We award the top 5 with extra Dreem tokens! (and sometimes we throw in an extra surprise too! hehehe) Beat your last week's score, and you earn 50 EXTRA TOKENS!

Happy New Planting and Cheers,

Always, I strive to give back
To the animals and birds around me
to put more plants in than I take out
And be a good steward for the world around me!

All Photos by Bluefin Studios unless specified.

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