First Greenhouse Post

Hello, hivers and garden lovers!

I know I've showed a couple of pictures from in the greenhouse already, but this is my first post for this year specifically about the greenhouse. In my last garden post, I talked about taking the tomato plant seedlings out to the greenhouse during the day so they could get some sunshine. I was bringing them back into the house at night because it was still getting cold at night. A few days ago, the weather changed and it's been in the 50s F at night, so I've been leaving the tomato seedlings out in the greenhouse at night.

I have both trays of tomato seedlings in the greenhouse now. This is the first batch.


This is the second batch.


This is the row of big greenhouse pots, these are what I grow the greenhouse tomatoes in. I need to get them ready for the little plants.


In one of the pots, I discovered some tiny marigold plants coming up from seeds from last year's plants. I decided to save them and put them into small pots to grow. I use a lot of marigolds in the garden for companion planting.


I had bought 4 bags of potting soil because I was going to transplant the largest tomato seedlings into larger pots to give the roots more room than the seed starter pots allowed. I brought 1 of the bags into the greenhouse with the wheelbarrow to use for the transplanting. Because of the warm weather I decided to just plant the biggest plants right into the big greenhouse pots. The biggest seedlings are the paste type tomato plants that I plant in the greenhouse, the Amish Paste type plants, and also the Blue Beech paste tomatoes.

I prepared the big pots for planting, and then figured out where I wanted the different plants to go. This is 3 of the Amish Paste plants, ready to be planted.


I ended up planting 3 Amish Paste plants, and 3 Blue Beech plants in the big pots. These were the largest of the seedlings.


I used up the bag of potting soil transplanting those 6 plants, so decided to haul the other 3 bags of potting soil to the greenhouse on my railroad car. I loaded them on the car at the back garden gate.


Then I pushed the car to the other end of the railroad, by the greenhouse.


I can just leave the bags on the flatcar until I need them. It's as good of a place to store them as any other place would be.

Here's all the rest of the tomato seedlings, as well as my succulent plants in the greenhouse.


That's all I have for this post, I hope you found it interesting!


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