Another sign that Vice City may indeed be the location for GTA 6

A Rockstar employee was in Miami, and presumably not just/only on holiday.

More and more information about Grand Theft Auto 6 has been leaked recently, but nothing has been officially confirmed by developer Rockstar Games. Some sources have already hinted that the new installment in the series will be set in Vice City, while others have shared information about the release date.

More rumours and fan theories have been fueled by a post from a Rockstar employee, who recently visited Miami, and tagged the official Instagram page of the development team in his photos.

Tony Mesones has been with Rockstar since 2011 and is responsible for the music for L.A. Noire, GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2, among others. A few days ago, he was photographed at one of the most popular resorts in the United States, Miami's South Beach, and apparently he didn't just go there for a holiday - which means that the Instagram story he shared has more meaning, according to the latest fan theories.


With several leaks suggesting that Vice City will be the main location for GTA 6, it's an interesting coincidence that Mesones is featured in a photo taken in Miami, which Rockstar has tagged. The world of Vice City was modeled after Miami, so it is possible that Mesones was in the Florida city for a project related to the game.

Of course, this is just a guess, but it shows how much GTA fans are looking forward to the latest in the series. GTA V was released nearly eight years ago, and despite the constant updates to GTA Online, fans are eagerly awaiting the next single-player story in the franchise.

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