CryptoBrewMaster digest for the week

This week's events in @CryptoBrewMaster gave me a lot of new emotions and reasons for thought. So to the point.

The Wholesaler event I was looking forward to was a major defeat for me. About how I prepared for it and what prompted me to participate in it, I already wrote here /@tricksterlogos/cryptoanarchism-or-brew-beer-until-melted

There is about my experience in the production of raw materials myself and the production of beer from it. This venture was hardly profitable and I somehow went to zero. But what were the expectations from the event. I thought that I could easily enter the top 3. "Ah, dreams, dreams."

The maximum that I could observe, participating in it, is the 5th position, which did not last even 12 hours. And this is due to the long abstinence in the sale of beer. An hour before the end of the event, I was in 9th place and it would seem that I should accept my 11 cards and accept my weak competitiveness. But what was my surprise (in fact, this feeling bordering on sadness) when I received a reward with 5 cards.

Almost all the time from Monday to Thursday, I tried to control my participation in it. But no, not that time. I take off my hats in front of the players who were able to show a level of training higher than mine and skillfully bypass me in the last minutes of the event.


Summing up the result of this long race is very problematic, and probably not necessary. The only thing I will definitely advise everyone is to try at least once to produce EVERY type of raw material. You will always have time to play with prices on the market, but getting a unique experience is much more important.
Such experience contributes to a significant expansion of the understanding of the brewing process.

The next two screenshots were great for me, and what is more important, PLEASANT, surprise. Somehow I was able to be as much as 15th in Top Manufactured, because I could not boast of great results in production, and the pack for participation in it turned out to be very useful.


I learned about this key a little earlier, but it got into my backpack quite recently. Therefore, I decided to bring him to this post as a pleasant conclusion. By and large, it was for me absolutely to match its name, because I did not know at all about what, how and when to do to get it. So the surprise was a success)


In conclusion, I would like to add that events are a fun time, but sometimes it is "too fun" for me. And yes, I'm waiting for the antimonopoly committee to appear in the game)

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