Cryptoanarchism or brew beer until melted

Significantly so, at some point, I clearly realized that I needed experienced manipulation of raw materials in @CryptoBrewMaster.


My inquisitive mind, of course, immediately prompted me to speculate that I needed to run to the market, to speculate on goods, to track low-price goods, and finally to resort to ordinary commercial life, which hardly got along with my leftism. Therefore, this option was also hastily discarded as it appeared.

Initially, the backpack included 2-3 blue, 3-4 green cards and about 500 coins on the account. Following this, it was decided to grow hops and pump water, watch the barley break out of the ground, and then malt it until balance allows you. Cook until the balance drops to zero. And that was done.

The result is this set with resources and beer.



I must mention that among all this commodity and raw material outrage, my first Masterpiece beer was crept in. It turned out to be welded due to the purchase of Micro Pak for 0.99 HBD, which in turn were obtained thanks to each of you, in the form of upvotes of my posts)

Now all this is waiting for the sale, and I'm in a hurry to participate in my first Wholesaler event with the hope of entering at least the top 25.

Spoiler alert that a podcast with @rollie1212 will be released soon where we talked about craft in Ukraine, beer culture and the aforementioned game.

P.S. I invite everyone who is interested in CCG to my place, to periodic streams on Hearthstone.

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