Hive Gaming ::: Splinter battle for social challenge.

Splinterlands!!! A most exciting and fun game. It is a game that remains exciting from the start of the battle until the end of the battle. A game that can attract your players with weekly battle challenges. I'm already playing this game. This game is very fun to play, so you can get it as an income through hive. But I was not a professional player.

You can read about the challenge of the Splinterlands game that is done once a week in this post. And friends, if you haven't played the Splinterlands game yet, I invite you to play.

In the challenge post of this game, it is written that the @steemmonsters account will come to vote. As I looked further, I found some more people using the @steemmonsters account to vote. Allow them to get #mentions. They are @alokkumar121 @zallin @marianaemilia @mango-juice. If your friend is someone who plays #splinterlands game, you should follow them and support them. I don't think it's a special benefit because my hive power is low.I see that they have shared a lot of content on splinterlands. So if you follow them, you will get more information on splinterlands.

Here's what I know about splinterlands. And today I want to share a battle game I played. That was the event where the fire unit was used. This week's challenge was that I didn't know the theme card, so I played around using fire. This game is not an instant win. I had to play 6 losses for this win. Finally, a win came for me. This is what I am sharing.

  • Battle is simple. This match has only 3 rounds to play. After playing these 3 rounds, I won. The enemy uses death. I am fire. I used fire to kill the enemy who used death. Do the winners say the same thing? Anyway, I won this battle and wanted to share it.

I share it about on twitter and let me invite you to the splinterlands game. When you watch my video , you got also my referral.


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