>Fun Fact: Did you know that a tomato is technically a fruit that is sometimes considered a vegetable?🍅- CAMPBELLS


😊Hey There!

I'm Starr and I heartily welcome you again to my Virtual Farmland on DCROPS. If you wish to know about Dcrops, you can join the official discord group HERE.

It's Summer-time again, and I've been looking forward to welcoming you back. Follow me on this wonderful ride as I tell you about my harvest from last season and show you what I've planted for this season, summer.🌞.


Screenshot_20220106-154615_Kiwi Browser.jpg

Spring season was great. Planted Potatoes, Cauliflower, kale and Broccoli, and just before end of season, Harvest was ready.

Screenshot_20220106-154755_Kiwi Browser.jpg

Bountiful it was as I harvested a few ⭐️&⭐️⭐️ crops, which gave me double share rewards. I Also completed my QUEST and Claimed My Chest with good amount of Boosters like Fertiplus and Speedgrow, Didn't get Mystery seeds, still happy.

Screenshot_20220106-154931_Kiwi Browser.jpg

Screenshot_20220106-155014_Kiwi Browser.jpg

Screenshot_20220106-160720_Kiwi Browser.jpg

After all of the hard work, and with only four days until the start of the new season, I decided to unwind by going to the farmers' market to see what quality seeds and farm lands they had for sale.


I'm back to work on my farm, and first things first. First, you must clear the farm. Following that, and just prior to planting, I do four things:

✔️I have devised a strategy to increase my farm, which is to buy 1-2 or more DCALPHA PACKS at the start of each season depending on the market price. I have placed my order for 2 DCALPHA packs and Paid😃

✔️I check my Seeds Basket to know what I've got in store to plant and for this season, I will be planting

🌱Tomatoes (epic)
🌱Wheat (common)
🌱Turnip (common)
🌱Watermelon (rare)

✔️I visit my dashboard and have a look at my QUEST, then buy crop tokens [500crop-tokens = 1.14swap.hive] and re-roll where necessary. I don't have any Legendary seeds yet and not interested in selling my harvest, so, I re-roll for a price of 10crop-tokens to get a more favorable quest that suits what seeds I have in store.

Screenshot_20220110-194822_Kiwi Browser.jpg

✔️I check what Farm boosters I've got and Apply them to my plots. My claimed chest gave Ferti-plus and Speed-grows as rewards. To know if your boosters have been successfully applied, slide the bar for Show Boosters>> and take note of the info <FP:0/SG:0> which after applying should read <FP:1/SP:1>.

Screenshot_20220110-195949_Kiwi Browser.jpg

After all of that, I proceed to plant, but first, I hear the doorbell, and oh lovely! It's the delivery man, and he's arrived just in time.


I buy my Dcalpha pack from LEODEX.IO or TRIBALDEX.COM cause of their fast and efficient delivery services. Let's unpack and see what NFT cards we have, you see, 1 DCALPHA pack contains 5 NFTS CARDS of which 1/5 is guaranteed to be a Rare seed/Land.

Screenshot_20220110-195412_Kiwi Browser.jpg

Ah! My two Dcalpha packs are all incredible seeds and opssy! not for this season. Oh well! off to the booster shop to buy me some Mystery seeds and more FP+SG boosters as my plot number outweighs what I currently have. A Mystery Seed cost 40 crop-tokens <0.0896 swap.hive>, A Ferti-plus cost 25 crop-tokens <0.0560 swap.hive> and Speed-gro cost 30 crop-tokens <0.0672 swap.hive>. Your Mystery seed is a one time-use-seed and when planted can turn into any seed, and the chances of getting Common at 80%, Rare 12%, Epic 8% and a Legendary less an 1%, Same applies to Dcalpha Packs, hence it's fingers crossed and hoping😄🤞.

Screenshot_20220110-201002_Kiwi Browser.jpg

and Bam!!! One of my Mystery seeds turned into a Legendary Blueberry Seed <cost between 15-1500 swap.hive>. Ah Damn! whish that was in the pack so i can have permanently😆. Good thing is my harvest shares will be great this season, so win-win, hoping i get some triple ⭐️⭐️⭐️ harvest shares there😄🤞.

Screenshot_20220110-201059_Kiwi Browser.jpg

So, with the help of the dcrop gods, I've got all five seasons of incredible seeds growing for this summer season, and I'm excited to harvest them.


Now may the God of the Harvest bless us with bounty⭐️⭐️⭐️ for that 💰💰💰 rewards.

🗝🗝As already stated in my PREVIOUS #1 DCROPS JOURNAL, I will not be Selling my Harvest just yet until when favourable and I will be saving up and buying common seeds like Garlic and Carrots for next Season - Autumn🍁 because it's affordable now. Farming on Dcrops is no different with Real life farming, It's got 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter), you harvest and can sell your harvest to Earn.

I hope you enjoyed your tour and, more importantly, that it inspires you to continue your steady growth in Dcrops. If this post piques your interest in the passive game, I'd be delighted to serve as a guide and companion.
Worthy Notes:

All the images are taken from the game at https://www.dcrops.com

Beautiful Text dividers by cryptosharon posted via @theterminal DISCORD CHANNEL

My cover & Banner done with PHOTOSHOP CS5 + KAPWING and free vector by Artist DANDELION_TEA from WWW.PIXABAY.COM

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😊See you at Harvest and Until Next Post, Hive, Vibe & Be Lucky🍀


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