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😊Hey There!


I'm Farmer Starr and here's a warm welcome to my Virtual Farmland on DCROPS. If you wish to know about Dcrops, you can join the official discord group HERE.

It's my first spring farming season, and I'm excited. Follow me on this awesome ride as I explain briefly how my Dcrop journey began, as well as show you what I've planted for this Season🌸.

My Dcrops experience began in November when I joined a Telegram group called NAIJA METAVERSITY, which offered free tutorials on how to get started with Hive and its games. After successfully onboarding Hive, I proceeded to create a DCROPS account. As it happened, there was a giveaway contest, and I was one of the winners. I won an Average land with a wheat seed... yippe🌱


Soon after, I purchased my first ever Dcalpha pack and, bam... I landed on a LEGENDARY HI-TECH LAND with some incredible seeds. Happy planting👩‍🌾


1 DCALPHA pack which you can buy on https://www.leodex.io or https://www.tribaldex.com contains 5NFT random cards of which 1 rare seed or land is guaranteed. You may get all seeds or all lands or a mix of both. So it's always fingers crossed anytime I'm opening a pack🤞😂
An awesome feature I'd like to draw your attention to is 'Quests'. The Quest is a highly intriguing piece of Dcrops. Here, you must perform a mission in order to earn a chest full of boosters.




A week or two after opening my first pack, I added 6 more packs, which came with Fertile lands and lovely seeds.
At the end of the season, Harvested my first summer crops, completed the mission, and claimed my treasure.




Fast forward December 2021, It's SPRING SEASON and i have applied my farm Boosters and planted

🌱Potatoes (epic)
🌱Kale (common)
🌱Broccoli (common)
🌱Cauliflower (rare)





You'd be asking yourself how is it that she started 4 days ago and the countdown timer on her seeds say different? Well, that's thanks to the boosters i received after completing QUESTS. You see, when you apply the Speed-Gro, It Reduces the time required for a seed to mature by 10%-50% on a specific plot of land, and, when you apply the Ferti-Plus, It doubles the chance to get 3 Star(⭐⭐⭐) and 2 Star(⭐⭐) crops upon harvest for the land that it was applied to.

What I look forward to at the End of the Season which is in 11 days from now (a season takes 15 days) is Harvesting my Crops and completing my QUESTS.


I've purchased a total of 15 Dcalpha packs and am hoping to land additional legendary seeds and lands. But don't get me wrong: a wise man & Dcrops Tutor @badmusgreene once taught me that there is strength in numbers, which means that the more of the commons you hold, the larger your portion of the seasonal reward pool.

Currently, I possess 1382 shares in total (very little compared to the Big Boys and landlords😆).
I'm not going to sell my harvest just yet. I want to save them for a later period in order to be among the top 5 or top 10 on the leadership board and earn a sizable amount of the reward pool, which pays out in Crop Token (crypto).


I will be Buying common seeds like Wheat for next Season - Summer🌞 because it's affordable now.
Farming on Dcrops is no different with Real life farming, It's got 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter), you harvest and can sell your harvest to Earn.

👩‍🌾Thank you so much for stopping by my farm, and I hope you enjoyed your tour. Even better, I hope this motivates you to continue your steady growth in Dcrops. If this post sparks interest in the passive game, I'm happy to be a guide and companion.

🌱See you at Harvest and Until Next Post, Hive, Vibe & Be Lucky🍀

Worthy Notes:

All the images are taken from the game at https://www.dcrops.com

Cover edited in Canva with the free image of the artist Dandelion_tea source Pixabay

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