How To Download Desmume

What is DeSmuMe?

 DeSmuME stands for "D esktop S emulator M onitor & E mulator", which is a pretty self-explanatory name. The software uses plug-ins to emulate the graphics, sound, and other aspects of the Nintendo DS so it can be played on the PC with a gamepad or keyboard.

DeSmuMe is an open source, freeware Nintendo DS emulator that was originally created by YopYop156.
It is written in C++ and has both Windows and Linux versions available.
In simple and precise words, it is a handy console that comes with a lot of great titles by various users.

Players love to play many Nintendo DS games and the popularity has gained by DeSmuME. The best part of this is that it is the open-source Nintendo DS emulator that can easily run both demos as well as commercial games successfully.

Nintendo DeSmuME is specially designed to work on Windows, OS X, Wii, Linux, and AmigaOS 4. This is a very straightforward program but some things may be confusing for users.

How To Download Desmume in 2022 Update

For Windows 10: The downloading process for windows doesn’t require much. The first thing you want to do is to know the bit version of your computer. If you are not sure, here is how to find out on Windows 10.

Go to the start menu of your computer
Click on the settings icon
On the left side, scroll down and click on About.
Look down at the Device Specifications
For other windows, simply go to my computer, right-click on it and select “Properties” and under “System”, you will see the bit Operating System version you are running on. This also works for Windows 10.

How to download the Nintendo DS emulator for Windows:

Go to the emulator’s website
On the right side of the site under Pages, click on Downloads to be taken to the download page.
You will see different versions available. Select the one that is for your computer based on the bit version: 64-bit or 32-bit. This will simply download it to your computer.
Because DeSmuMe comes in a Zip file you will need to extract it using a program meant for that such as the WinRar. Or you can simply right-click on it and click on Extract. Select a destination where you want to save it, probably your Desktop. Once this is done, simply open the folder that it has been extracted to and you will find the application.

Since it is a stand-alone file, it doesn’t come with an install wizard so by double-clicking on the application, it will launch.

Download For Mac:

The first thing you want to do again is to go to the application’s website.
There you will see different available options of DeSmuME.
Select the latest version for your Mac and click on it
This will bring you to Sourceforge. Your download will start automatically after a few seconds
Move the application to your desktop and then open the folder where you will see the application. If you double click on it, you will be told that it is from an unknown developer so it cannot open. Here is how to fix this:
Click on the Apple logo at the top left of your desktop.
Select “System Preferences” and then “Security and Privacy”
You will see a message at the bottom that is telling you why DeSmuME was blocked. Click on “Open Anyway”
Put in your admin name and password to give permission and then click on “Modify Setting”

Best 5 Emulator

  1. DeSmuMe
  2. FCEUX
  3. Nestopia UE
  4. Nintendulator
  5. VirtualNES
  1. DeSmuMe
    After you get to know about the bit version of your computer, then you can download the DesMuMe for your system.
  2. FCEUX

FCEUX Emulator
FCEUX is yet another popular NES emulator. Like RetroArch, it also offers a plethora of features and customization options. The features like debugging, recording a video, ROM-hacking and creating speedruns.

It also provides support for a joystick, and you can play the game in full-screen, which undoubtedly makes the gameplay experience incredible. Unlike RetroArch, setting up and installing it is a breeze.

FCEUX supports a wide array of file formats including the NES files. As a fan of NES, you cannot afford to miss the services of this emulator.

Talking about the downsides, FCEUX has only one. It does not come with a perfect color palette, which can make the gameplay experience a bit weird. However, there is the provision of fixing this issue.
3 Nestopia UE

Nestopia UE Emulator
For those, who want to avoid the installation hassles of RetroArch with almost identical features, go for the Nestopia UE (Undead Edition) emulator. It works very well with Windows 10. For the unaware, this emulator had a predecessor, Nestopia. The developers stopped offering support to it. Hence, Nestopia UE was developed.

Nestopia UE has its fair share of features and customizing options. It supports many external devices, supports in-app recording, offers multiplayer support, and auto-saving feature.

RetroArch offers far too many useful features. Nestopia UE is a close second, as it is not as feature-rich; still, it has many features which the gamers will find helpful.

Those trying out this emulator have to deal with an option vsync. The problem is, when you turn this option off, you will experience screen tearing, and when it is on, you have to bear with a slow input lag.
4 Nintendulator

Nintendulator is another NES emulator that holds the fort for its rock-solid performance. The emulator is written in C++, which can be cited as one of the reasons for its unmatched experience. The gameplay experience is realistic, and it also sports pretty useful features.

The in-built Game Genie support helps players to initiate the auto-play feature. Furthermore, it also offers support for USB gamepad.

You surely remember the soft and hard reset features were an integral part of the original Nintendo console. The emulator includes these features which will surely bring a smile to the ardent fans of NES.

5 VirtualNES

VirtuaNES is a preferable choice for all the right reasons. Despite the developers withdrawing support to it for many years now, it works smoothly on the PC. The best thing, it does not require any additional support for playing the NES based games.

VirtuaNES can be customized, and it includes an external joystick along with gamepad support. Furthermore, it also provides the convenience of Full-screen mode and adjustable screen support.

There is some good news for the lazybones. The emulator also supports active Cheat Codes Support. You can try and edit the memory hex locations, for fitting in newer cheats.

Finally, click “Open” and you are good to go.

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