dCity - My City Updates and my Road Map for days ahead


How am I Doing in Dcity?

Around five months ago I decided to invest heavily into dCity. Post here for reference. Back then SIM price was close to 0.005 Hive/SIM and I was selling off some of my Splinterlands NFT collection to buy dCity cards. The plan was to earn an amazing return as players at the time were able to breakeven in 3 months or less.

I timed my entry into dCity a bit off and within a few weeks of play, SIM prices noise dived. You can see chart below around January and February was when price of SIM slided.


I got a double whammy as I was exchanging Hive for SIM the price of Hive started to rise and later doubled from low $0.15 to $0.30. As of today SIM prices holding somewhat steady at 0.0016 Hive / SIM but still a long ways from its previous average. While Hive has risen and holding above $0.50.

Greed got the Best of Me


Even with the drop in SIM price I continue purchasing buildings and it has helped average down my buy in cost. I never incorporated a spreadsheet as to the amount of Hive I spend toward building my city but I can vouch it is over a 1,000 Hive. In any case I still like the game as I track my daily SIM rewards and recently achieve a new milestone. Today was the first day that I held enough SIM for longer than a week to earn a daily payout.


I currently am ranked 243th overall and I can not wait for the new revised rating system from dCity. Read their latest updates for the game here.

Playing dCity for the Fun

Although I still wish to at least get back to breakeven with my investment dCity, I still enjoy the game. On a daily basis I collect my SIMs from an alternate account and basically store the SIMs in my main and when I see a NFT deal I spent what I earn back into buying more cards. This is basically how I was able to grow my dCity to where it is today.

I did put in an initial investment in HIve to accelerated my SIM daily production but I would imagine if I held off investing early and waited until SIM prices feel to 0.0015 Hive I would likely have close to double the city as what I have currently.

Still with all this head wind I have faith in the game as I have been following it's developer @gerber and know he is doing a great job in providing upgrades to the game. I look forward to third edition cards arrival and many other new features the game will be offering. Besides I have a lot at stake in dCity and for better or worse I will see it through.

Thanks for reading.


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