Wombo-Combo Life Splinter $50 Budget Deck - SILVER LEAGUE READY!

Learn how to build a WOMBO-COMBO Life Splinter Deck with only $50! If you follow this guide, you'll be ready to grind your way through the Silver League in no time!



If you're a new Splinterlands player, you're probably in the Bronze League, trying your best to climb to Silver in order to get more & better Reward Chests.

You may be thinking that you need to spend fortunes in order to have the best cards available in order to climb your way through the ranks. While having a pocket full of money indeed can help, I'll show in this Guide how you can build a budget Life Splinter deck that's strong enough to put you in the Silver League!

Without further ado, I'll now show you the table with the recommended cards, followed by a short explanation on why each card was chosen and how to use it correctly in order to bring you more wins!



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The wombo-combo and the win condition of this deck is pretty simple: you'll play the Shieldbearer (a free card available to all players) as your frontline tank. In the backline, you'll have the Divine Healer (another free card), the Venari Crystalsmith, and the Armorsmith.

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Both the Divine Healer and the Venari Crystalsmith have the Tank Heal ability, meaning that they'll heal your frontline monster (the Shieldbearer) every turn.


In a very similar way, the Armorsmith, due his Repair ability, will be able to give extra Armor to the Shieldbearer every turn.

Because of this setup, it'll be almost impossible to kill the Shieldbearer, as he'll be receiving 2 Heals + 1 Armor Repair EVERY TURN!


And the Shieldbearer will attract all the damage to himself due the Taunt ability, protecting the rest of the team from enemy attacks.

In matches with low mana, you'll have to drop some monsters from this combo. The weakest one, in my opinion, is the Divine Healer, as she has no attack capabilities by herself. The next one would be the Armorsmith, as Health is usually more important than Health on the lower leagues, in which Magic Monsters are so common and heavily-played.

But, in high mana matches, you'll have mana left to play up to 2 extra monsters. And here's where the other cards recommend in this Budget Deck comes into play.


If you think that your opponent will be playing lots of Magic Monster (which is very common in the lower leagues due the Water Splinter being really strong nowadays), the Crystal Werewolf is the perfect counter: his Silence ability reduces all the enemy Magic Attack by -1.

He singlehandedly counters the ability of the Water Summoner Alric Stormbringer. 10/10 would counter again!


The Silvershield Bard is a very flexible card to play, as she only costs 1 Mana.

She has the Cleanse ability, allowing her to remove all negative effects from your frontline monster (Shieldbearer). This is VERY important, as there are Monsters that can destroy your combo by debuffing your tank. The main risk comes from the Affliction ability: if Shieldbearer gets debuffed with this ability, he won't be able to be healed anymore, and the whole strenght of the deck crumbles.

With the Silvershield Bard, you're sure that this won't ever happen to you. If the Shieldbearer gets any kind of debuff, the Bard will clean it at the end of the turn :D


Finally, the Djinn Renova is a very cheap card to buy (less than $3), that can help you achieve victory in very high-mana matches (like those with 99 Mana). She has a resonable amount of health (so she can be placed as your 2nd monster), 2 Magic Attack (bypassing any Armor the enemy tank has), and the Strenghten ability, increasing everyone's health (including your already-powerful tank!) by +1, making him a bit more difficult to be killed.


Thanks for reading this post, and until next time!

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