Freezing Cold is Coming! - Frostpunk #5

Hello to all of you, dear game lovers, I know there is a series that you think I have forgotten lately, but I have never forgotten it. As always, welcome to a new episode of Frostpunk on this cold winter evening. I know it's been a while, but you can read the previous episode by clicking here.

For those who don't want to read the previous chapter, let's make a short summary. In the last episode, a group of people called the Londoners who wanted to go back to London stole supplies and even killed our people. I banished one of the people who came to steal supplies from the city, even though he was not a murderer. This incident really bothered me and I will do my best to fix it in this chapter.

You know that you have to wait a while to sign a new law. As soon as it expired, I signed a law to build a propaganda center. This will increase both hope and unrest, but we will be able to see in more detail why people are unrest, and his ability increases hope. That's exactly what we need right now.

We have built an outpost in the coal mine and thanks to it we will get 800 coal every day. This will completely solve our heating problem because 800 coal is a lot of coal. I don't know how much coal we produce in a day, but it might even equal that.

I did a research to do higher level research, I built better coal mines, I built an outpost in the fishing village and now we can get 100 raw food per day. I have fulfilled every wish of my people, I have raised hope to the highest level, I have reduced unrest to almost zero and look what one of my people has done. My friend, why are you doing this? Why are you writing poems about despair and committing suicide. For the first time I lied and said that this man drank too much and died of alcoholism, so that this incident would not make my people despair. I am sorry my friend, people cannot despair because of you.

At that moment, even though I've drastically reduced the number of Londoners, a total of 9 Londoners want to leave the city. I told them to stay with us they will die if they leave. Most stayed because hope was so high and when I checked the count I saw that only 2 people had left the city. There is nothing I can do to stop them. If they want to leave they can leave but I don't think they will survive.

They left the city with this animation. Don't look at it like this, there were only 2 of them, I'm sure about that 😅.

There are things that happen in this game that make me very emotional. And this is one of them. After the Londoners left, a man left the city at night and left a note behind. "Captain, I apologize for leaving my post. I must follow the Londoners, and if I can't convince my daughter to come back, I must die with her. I apologize, but I can't abandon her. Wish me luck." My friend, my prayers are with you, I hope you find your daughter and come back to us.

All the people who are outside are coming to our city to seek refuge. I have built many houses for them and also many people means many diseases. I immediately searched for an infirmary and built one. It means faster treatment in a warmer environment than the health center. At the same time, those who are terminally ill are more likely to recover.

70 people came to seek refuge with us, but 30 of them were sick. Admitting everyone to the city would have put us in a difficult situation, both in terms of health and population. So I decided to take only healthy people, even though it was a difficult decision.

The temperature suddenly dropped by 30 degrees and it became -70 degrees. God, I can't imagine such a thing. Imagine trying to survive at -70 degrees. I took all the workers out of their workplaces and sent them home. Fortunately, tomorrow the temperature will rise by 20 degrees and people will be able to work again. The temperature at which people are working is -50 degrees. This is absolutely crazy, but we have to survive. I've made a lot of upgrades to the temperature, so at least people's homes are warm.

Another 70 people came and 50 of them were sick. Again, I only took the 20 healthy ones into the city because we can barely keep warm ourselves right now and it's not a sensible decision to take sick people into the city. This could be the end for all of us.

Finally the day came. I have to sign the crisis shift law because the temperatures are dropping fast. Soon people will be unable to work, so we have to prepare for the cold as much as we can now. Thanks to this law I can ask people to work 24 hours non-stop. The unrest is growing but there is nothing I can do.

I was wondering why these refugees are coming to our city, because it is freezing cold. I will have to do some research to calculate how heavy the storm will be. I also have to explore some places.

I have signed a law to allow people to work overtime. People used to work from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. but now we are not working under normal conditions. The freezing cold is coming and we have to work 6am to 8pm to get ready. This is a sacrifice to survive.

I did the research I needed to do and the thing I was afraid of happened. We are going to see cold like we have never seen before. Hunting will become impossible and everything outside the city will freeze to death. The same will happen to us if we don't heat our homes well enough. Hope fades!

It looks like we'll have to prepare for the big storm and the next post will be the last one in the Frostpunk series. So I'm going to end this post here. I hope you enjoyed it because I'm very excited. I wonder if we will be able to prepare for the storm and if we will be able to survive it. Don't forget to write your comments about the game. I love reading and replying to them. Have a great day and watch out for the cold!

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