CryptoBrewMaster: Quality Enhancers Announced | Reblog to get an NFT

There are new Artifacts being released recently in the @cryptobrewmaster

Card name: Quality Enhancers
Grades: Good, Outstanding, Excellent, Masterpiece
Used in: Academy Laboratory (released next week)
How to get: Supplies Store, Market


Each Enhancer can improve the quality of specified ingredient

"Super powerful Artifact, that can improve the supplies grade levels.


Deeper explanation

  • Good Quality Enhancer can improve 2 Neutral cards into one Good

  • Outstanding Quality Enhancer can improve 4 Neutral cards or 2 Good cards into one Outstanding

  • Excellent Quality Enhancer can improve 8 Neutral or 4 Good or 2 Outstanding cards into one Excellent

  • Masterpiece Quality Enhancer can improve 16 Neutral or 8 Good or 4 Outstanding or 2 Excellent cards into one Masterpiece"


More on the youtube

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