Road to Valor: World War II game review

I explore new games from the play store and play them during my free time. I look for strategy games and usually play such games. I was remembering a game that o used to play like 10 years back. The game was Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe. I was looking for a game that would be similar to that but couldn't find any. I ended up finding this game called Road to Valor: World War II.


I was thinking this game would be a strategy game and role play but it is not. But I did like the game to some extent but dont know when I will get saturated.


The gameplay is very simple. We have to prepare the list of troups and go for battle with real players. We can choose our army type. If we win against a player, we will be given a crate to open. Opening the create would give us some reward cards which would act as an upgrade for our troops. If we win a battle we will also be getting medals and gold to spend.

There will be different types of battle fields and as we progress with the battle rank or the medals we hold, we will be able to go up the ladder and get new battle fields. There is also an internal store option available with which we can purchase additional upgrade cards or troops. I initially thought this game would be something like Pubg but with a proper story line but it was not.


There is also something called corps which is basically something like a guild. People can join that and probably do some things together. They can also get support from other players and grow together in the game. The graphics is also pretty simple and clean which is good. Especially the battle field graphics are all very nice. The gameplay is more like having a single pattern of defending the buildings but just that every battle will have it's own strategy in it.

My thoughts on the game

The game looks like a good time killer but there is nothing more exciting about the game. This is not something like I would be willing to play forever. Some games usually are big and have lots of innovations in it. But this game is not of that type and I also personally felt that it is easy to get saturated. I'm sure after a point I'll not have anything interesting to play the game. Opening crates everyday and upgrading my soldiers is good but I don't know how long it will stay interesting for me.

I will keep going with the game as long as it stays interesting but after I find out a better game, I will probably uninstall this game and go to next one.

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