Rising Star - Using NFTMart first time to purchase Rising Star cards

Dapps like NFTMart are a great boon to the Hive ecosystem. My purchase experience was very smooth and especially the cart facility and all the filtering capabilities were very good. This is my first experience with NFTMart. So far to purchase cards I have been using Ocean Wallet which also gave me a good experience from the beginning. Today I wanted to experiment NFTMart. I wouldn't say that I have never purchased anything before from NFTMart.

I have used the site's interface to review the cards and check their prices. Okean123's site is also pretty decent on that. The recent update also made filtering more easier. NFTMart gives a different experience altogether. Both the sites are good when it comes to purchasing cards to add to our Rising Star collection.


Collecting unique cards

I have been collecting unique cards in the game whenever I get a chance. Today I was able to purchase lots of cards that are quite unique. Collecting unique cards is a strategy that will help me go up the ladder in the leaderboard. It is already very competitive. People are frequently buying cards and going up the ladder. I was waiting to invest in something else and now I'm back again to invest more in Rising Star.

I noticed that some of the cards that are not available in my portfolio are either too pricy or they are not even available for sale in the market. I guess I should keep looking. Today when I was checking the market, I was seeing some opportunities. Many players have been using that opportunity already if I'm not wrong. Some of the cards are priced very low even though they are limited edition cards with good stats. Maybe the sellers don't have an idea on how much would be the best price. I'm thinking of keeping an eye on this and grab some cards at the right moment.

I was collecting some fan cards during my early days like that. I remember purchasing some cards for 10 and 20 starbits during the early days. Today we hardly see such low cards in the market but there are still many people selling their cards below 500 starbits and if it is a good card, it should be worth purchasing them for 500 starbits. I want to collect unique cards as much as possible and get back to the top 100 on the leader board. Good thing is that the top 100 get some daily rewards.

I recently onboarded two of my friends from the real world and one guy just completed 500 missions and is very serious about this game. I'm sure his determination is going to make him grow faster in this game. I have also advised him to collect more cards whenever he gets a chance. I was thinking that onboarding friends to Hive are quite challenging. Now after seeing this guy, I think maybe it is good to onboard friends to Rising star and slowly make them understand more about this Hive Ecosystem.

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