My 57+ Hours Elden Ring Review. I had no idea about lore...

All pictures are screenshots I took in the game.

The Story Is Exploration Based, not Told. It needs to be found.

When we play other games, we are so used to being told what the story is. When I was playing Elden Ring, I was surprised at first that this was not the case. That's where the light is, Daddy, go over there and play. You're going to slaughter the bosses and then you're going to go on. you're going to be very strong and eventually you're going to be king. congratulations. game over...

Actually, it's not.

You learn so much by reading even the descriptions of the items in the game! It's really incredible. There are also a few NPCs who talk to you in dialog and almost every piece of information they tell you is LROE information. I can say that no one speaks idly.
They probably paid special attention to that.

To summarize, I can suggest this:

  • Read the item descriptions
  • Pay attention to the speech of NPCs
  • Pay attention to some of the symbols in the environment.

I said the visuals and graphics were good. I lied. Some parts are spectacular!

Normally if I write a review about the same game I try not to write the same thing twice, but I really couldn't believe it. I have a low end laptop computer. I have a GTX1650 TI graphics card. Of course, because it's a laptop, it's not very good. Of course it's not good considering that 4070 series is coming out nowadays or something. anyway.

What I want to say is that when I was playing the game, there were times when I stopped and said, "Look at the scenery!" and I actually took my hand off the keyboard and looked around with the mouse.

I didn't know it was this good and I honestly didn't expect it. Here are some visuals from my different characters:

A game that deserves its money to the fullest. And it is Re-playable.

A game that doesn't ask you for more money and will surprise you by giving you a full game and even more than you expect. So much so that yes, there are DLC topics, but the game is a full game. you don't need any microtransactions. you can't buy an item in the game with money. so with real life money.
Apart from that, we are so used to the fact that some things are paid and unfinished games are released on the market.

Or releasing things that are the same game as the game that came out in the previous year. For example the fifa series, for example the nba series... Like the COD series, which was released with very little or sometimes almost nothing improved.

This game takes your money once. Then it offers you an experience that can last 200+ hours in a very clear way. BUT the game is a bit difficult. I think this was done deliberately.

Still, you have many ways to play. If you want, make a dex character and play on agility. If you want, create a strong character and play without caring about the bosses hitting you. yes it is possible. as long as you research the right buffs, research the right potions.

If you want, create a mage and start unleashing your spells on the boss before it can even move.

If you want, use the game's spirit summon mechanic and play pacifist without harming anyone in any way, but let these summons do your job for you. ahahaha.

All of these things are possible.

When I started writing this article, I didn't think it would be this long, but I would like to thank everyone who read it. I hope you have a chance to play this excellent game calmly.


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