M3: Lower Brackets Matches Send National Champions Home

The last two days were the time for Lower Bracket Matches in the M3 Mobile Bang-bang World Championships. It was a knock-out stage which means the losing team is going back home. Some of the teams playing were those who lose on the first dan the second day in the play-off as they were on the upper bracket.


First day of lower bracket already sending some of the national champions

  • The first match was SMG Malaysia against Onic Indonesia, both teams are the champions of their respective countries. The game was won by Onic with 2-0 in the best of three match.

  • The second match sending home GX from Arab and African representatives. They lost against the Brazilian Runner-up Vivo KYD team. KYD won two games and end the match with a 2-0 score.

  • The third match Navi from Ukrain manages to eliminate Malvinas Gaming from Argentine as the representative from South America Region. They won 2-1.

  • On the last match of the first day of lower bracket send home Red Canids Kalunga team the winner of Brazilian Championship. They lost against See You Soom Team from Cambodia. They lost straight 2-0 in that match.

Another National Champions also went home on the second day

  • First match on the second day send home Onic Indonesia. They lost 2-1 against Blacklist International from Philipines. This is another National Championships that went home that day.

  • BDL from turkey had also gone home on the second day. They lost against KEYD. They lost 2-0.

  • Resurgence the Singapore Champions need to go home on the third match of that day. They lost 2-0 against Navi. Such a surprise because this is the first time Navi played in World Championships series.

  • The last match send home See You Soon from Cambodia. They lost 2-1 against Malaysian Todak.

The tournament is getting interesting the remaining teams look very solid and very strong.

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